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 By Jess Macinko    News    February 22, 2017 

Welcome to jail

On Dec. 26, 2014, an inmate at the Klickitat county jail assaulted a corrections officer. Patrolman Robert Bianchi investigated the attack. Shortly... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 22, 2017 

Animal shelter building never inspected?

On Feb. 13 and 15, members of the Animal Care Special Task Force met to discuss improvements to the city animal shelter. The task force, comprised of city and county officials, Dogs of the Gorge volun...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 22, 2017 

Tailored classes in childbirth available

Goldendale's expecting parents have a new resource for childbirth classes. This weekend, student midwives Kelly Martin and Adria Dobiash will be...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 22, 2017 

Police cover wide range of crimes

Local law enforcement was busy with calls this week, but few arrests. However, last week was more eventful, and didn’t make it into the paper due to limited space. V-day shoplifting On Feb. 13,...

 By Jess Macinko    Community    February 22, 2017 

Meet The Sentinel's carriers: Josh Ogden

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, Josh Ogden carefully wraps his newspapers in plastic bags. “A lot of houses don’t have awnings on them, so the papers get wet if they don’t have bags,” he... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day, plus one: the Weddles

Ed and Vivian Weddle are this year's Valentine's Day longest-married couple in Goldendale. Joan and Pete Heming, recognized by The Sentinel last... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 15, 2017

Local author publishes first novel

On Monday, Golden Chinook Café held a book-signing for Dollmaker, the first novel of local writer Bonnie Barrigar. Barrigar has been writing since...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 15, 2017

Weather Service: Snow not over yet

Now for some news no one wants to hear: our recent sunshine may be short-lived. Marilyn Lohmann of the National Weather Service Pendleton office says...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 15, 2017

PUD bills rise with falling temperatures

Many Goldendale residents have been feeling this winter in their wallets, particularly from higher than average utility bills. KPUD General Manager Jim Smith says many customers are paying twice as mu...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 15, 2017

Meet The Sentinel's carriers

Nikayla has been delivering papers for The Sentinel since September of 2015. The sixth grader delivers 13 – 15 papers along Route I. Sometimes her...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 15, 2017

Police Blotter

Better safe than sorry At around 3 p.m. on Feb. 13, Goldendale police received a report of a male carrying a rifle in the 400 block of East Burgen Street, which is near the Goldendale schools. Police...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 8, 2017

Klickitat County's first wedding predates statehood

On Aug. 20, 1867, a 21-year-old woman named America Jenkins married Henry Howe, 35, in her father's home near the blockhouse, a small log fort some... Full story

 By Jess Macinko and Lou Marzeles    News    February 8, 2017

Pharmacist charged with child rape, license suspended

The Sentinel The Washington State Department of Health has suspended the license of a White Salmon pharmacist, Dr. Larry Chapman. Chapman, 68, was arrested on Sept. 28, 2016 and charged by the... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 8, 2017

Karate kids in class

Saturday, Feb. 4, a gang of six to eight-year-olds did their best to kick Levi Winston off his feet. Absorbing the onslaught with a blue foam pad,... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    Community    February 8, 2017

Meet The Sentinel´s Carriers : Preston Briseno

Preston Briseno covers a lot of ground for The Sentinel. After bagging his papers at the office, Preston walks over half a mile to the corner of East... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 8, 2017

County vet rep from long line of service

William Smith traces his family roots back to 625 A.D. The common denominator in that long line of ancestors? Military service. "We were on the battle...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 1, 2017

Goldendale trounces Winter, 2-0

Community efforts beat winter mishaps last week, making the best of two weather-related accidents. First, cooperation between Bishop's Towing and the... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 1, 2017

State agency wages war on Peace Pipe

For the past four years, Jarred Boyes has been operating Peace Pipe Tobacco Company, supporting his family with the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Last month, that all came to a...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 1, 2017

Police take 'shot in the dark,' apprehend Most Wanted in Goldendale home

Goldendale Police have been looking for Edwin Charge Jr. for almost exactly one year. On Jan. 26, at approximately 3:30 p.m., they got him. Charge...

 By Jess Macinko    News    February 1, 2017

Ready to wax on, wax off?

Karate is coming to Goldendale. Well, make that Taekwondo. “People recognize ‘Karate,’” says Levi Winston, soon-to-be instructor at “Winston’s School of Karate and Self-defense.”...

 By Jess Macinko    Community    February 1, 2017

Voices of the March

The day after President Trump's inauguration, protest marches took place in Washington DC and cities across the country. That's undisputed. Beyond... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    January 25, 2017

Local woman corners 'cute' market

Six and a half miles outside Goldendale, Rebekah Scarola cups a hedgehog in her hand. "Rosalee," she explains, is unusually comfortable with... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    January 25, 2017

Voices from the county on Inauguration Day

On Friday, Jan. 20, President-elect Donald Trump became President Donald Trump. His inauguration inspired mixed feelings, both nationally and locally... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    January 25, 2017

Vehicle prowls on the rise

Police Chief Reggie Bartkowski says he spoke too soon. On the heels of last week’s report, which outlined a decrease in crime for 2016—property crime in particular—Goldendale has been hit by a... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    News    January 25, 2017

Teacher secures funds for recess equipment

Goldendale Primary School teacher Brad Fahlenkamp raised just under $1,000 for recess equipment. Fahlenkamp, who teaches physical education, says the school has been running out of playground toys.... Full story


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