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 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    July 19, 2017

The Racism pot in town has been stirred

Our editorial in last week’s Sentinel, about an African American pastor at a local church who felt forced to leave Goldendale because of intense... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    July 12, 2017

Goldendale racism drives out pastor

This column is getting a little ahead of a story we’re actually still working on, but we have enough information in hand to state one hard, extremel...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 28, 2017


'OYE COMO VA': That's not just the name of one of Santana's biggest hits, it was also a kind of salutation at his concert at Maryhill Winery Sunday...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 28, 2017

Mystery deal said to be cut with city

In a still-unfolding development, the City of Goldendale may have landed a major company into its industrial park that would add 52 jobs. That is, if...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 21, 2017

Food bank still getting food

The deadline issued by the Washington Gorge Action Program (WGAP) for the Goldendale Food Bank (GFB) to come into complete compliance with its...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 14, 2017

Food Fight: city fod bank in contention with state agency

The Washington Gorge Action Program (WGAP), distributor of food to Klickitat County food banks, is deciding whether or not to continue providing...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 7, 2017

It's the city-wide super yard sale

The event formerly known as the 13 Mile Yard Sale is alive and well. It just shrunk a little. It’s now called the first annual Goldendale City-Wide... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 7, 2017

Scam calls use 'prank' apps

A rash of fake telemarketing phone calls has hit the Goldendale area, with caller IDs on receiving phones showing various phony business and organizat...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    June 7, 2017
 By Lou Marzeles    News    May 31, 2017

Post Office changes coming to city

James Hamiliton's Goldendale stamp. The amiable postmaster's last day at the Goldendale Post Office is June 13. After that, he takes up the same job...

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    May 31, 2017

Editor's note

Editor’s note: And yet here you are still checking the Letters section of your local newspaper—as do many others. Fantasies about the doom or... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    News    May 24, 2017

Goldendale youth falls from cliff, struggles days to reach safety

Displaying astonishing endurance and determination, Goldendale resident Noah Messenger, 18, survived a fall from a Maryhill cliff and, with his back... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    News    May 24, 2017

McCabe on the first two sessions

Not feeling safe? Not to worry. Come January your business will have to pay up to 90 percent of your wages so you can go somewhere to be secure....

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    May 24, 2017

Rebooting the project: GPAC is back on track

It’s been an annoying thing to hear: “So what’s going on with the performing arts center you were working on?” For the past several months, I...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    May 10, 2017

Herrera Beutler at KVH, hospital plans physical therapy center

The process of enacting law for healthcare in this country has itself been very unhealthy lately-that's a conclusion of U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    May 10, 2017

Inventing injury and turning it into 'creative' writing

Last week The Sentinel was threatened with a libel law suit and told it was heartless and even cruel. Fingers wagged, tongues lashed, maybe even... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    News    May 3, 2017

The strange last crime of Edwin Charge

A beloved friend to some, a family man, an adept in his chosen field who brought his name to the top of police most wanted lists-Goldendale resident...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    April 5, 2017

Hospital brings in two new medical staff

Plotts and Baumeister might sound like a new law firm, but they're better than that. Those are the names of two new health care providers at...


Superintendent cited for DUI, reckless endangerment

Lyle School District Superintendent Andrew Kelly was charged with driving under the influence and reckless endangerment the night of March 12 in White Salmon. According to the Bingen-White Salmon... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    News    March 22, 2017


Klickitat Valley Health (HVH) held its second annual Dash and Dine event Saturday, and the event brought out many more people than the year before.... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    March 22, 2017

The Kelly matter: cause and effect aren't set in stone

There’s going to be a ton of opinion arising about Lyle School Superintendent Andrew Kelly’s arrest Sunday on DUI and Reckless Endangerment...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    March 15, 2017

PA Office figures show dramatic gains

Washington Courts is a state agency that, among other things, issues monthly and annual reports that include figures indicating the performances of...


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