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 By Shannon O Connell    Opinion    January 18, 2017 

Republicans don't belong in the bathroom

I am writing today in regards to the article “Privacy campaign challenges bathroom law.” I am a Republican, like most folks around here, but this is definitely a case where our lawmakers are not... Full story

 By Sam Plante    Opinion    January 18, 2017 

Road crews rock

I just want to say well done to the road crews that have been working this winter to keep our streets and parking lots cleared. With cramped streets and snow that just keeps falling and falling, just... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    January 11, 2017

The Sentinel announces a new approach to publishing opinion with 'facts'

We are announcing a new policy for expressing opinions in this newspaper, especially in instances of highly controversial topics. It involves four... Full story

 By Donita Thew    Opinion    January 11, 2017

Recognizing a great service

I just wanted to give recognition to Travis and Lisa Herseim for their thoughtfulness in providing their free holiday meals for the community. Both were fabulous! What great food! I wanted to express... Full story

 By Peter Leon    Opinion    January 11, 2017

Let's keep the momentum going

Hurray! We Republican voters carried the presidency, House, and Senate. The vast majority of Washington State counties like Klickitat County voted red as well. For 2017/2018, the Klickitat County... Full story

 By Ogden News Service    Opinion    January 11, 2017

Ogden concert rescheduled

Dr. Jim Ogden’s annual piano concert, which was scheduled for Sunday 15 January has been postponed until Sunday, Jan. 22, due to the inclement weather situation. The concert will be at the... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    December 28, 2016

Rising to professionalism in the face of severe challenge

It’s not a common occurence for professional conduct to constitute a significant act of service. What is a common occurence is that when it does... Full story

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    December 28, 2016

Who are the true Republicans?

In response to Adrian Bradford’s letter from last week: first, I must thank Adrian for providing evidence for my conclusions in my prior week’s letter about a possible purge. Adrian uses Tea... Full story

 By Jess Macinko    Opinion    December 21, 2016

Cold feet and frying pans: a newcomer gets the news job

I saw Goldendale for the first time two weeks ago, and frankly it wasn’t living up to its name. The light was dull and grey, the weather damp and cold. When I asked a local about snowfall in the...

 By Adrian Bradford    Opinion    December 21, 2016

A change for the better

December brings both holidays and a new Klickitat County Republican Party (KCRP) and reasons to celebrate. I have believed for some years that the KCRP, while devoted to conservative policies, as a... Full story

 By Stephen Kenny    Opinion    December 14, 2016

County Republican Party-has the purge begun?

Saturday , Dec. 3, the Klickitat County Republican Party (KCRP) was taken over by a coalition of three overlapping groups. The first seemed to be women tired of the previous chairman’s misogyny ,... Full story

 Opinion    December 14, 2016

Dems are losing the unions

Why have many American workers abandoned the Democrat ic Party? During the last 50 years, Republicans have systematically weakened the unions, historically a Democratic Party base. This has led to... Full story

 By Contributed    Opinion    December 7, 2016

How to provide a long-term safe 'Aging-in-place' home

Dear Savvy Senior, My husband and I are thinking about making some modifications to our home so we can remain living there for as long as possible. Can you recommend some good resources that can help... Full story

 By Steve Kinney    Opinion    December 7, 2016

A serious discussion on the election

No balloons, no confetti, little pomp and circumstance accompanied Trump’s decisive victory. Now sore-loser, entitlement minded, and anarchist protesters help us pragmatic and critical thinking... Full story

 By Brittany Allen    Opinion    November 30, 2016

Seeking other mountains

This holiday season, I find myself filled with immense gratitude and some mixed emotions. As of Dec. 6, I will take my leave of the Goldendale... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    November 23, 2016

Nestlé and the info netherworld

Where does The Sentinel stand on the issue of Nestlé bringing a water bottling facility to Goldendale? A reader wrote in and asked that question,... Full story

 By Steve Bauers    Opinion    November 23, 2016


Last week, on the Opinion page (page 4), The Sentinel ran a comic by Branco. The news commentator is asking “What exactly are you protesting?” and the protestor answers “DEMOCRACY.” In the... Full story

 By Steve Kenney    Opinion    November 23, 2016

A serious discussion on the Election …

No balloons, no confetti, little pomp and circumstance accompanied Trump’s decisive victory. Now sore-loser, entitlement-minded, and anarchist protesters help us pragmatic and critical-thinking... Full story

 By Paulette Lefever Holbrook    Opinion    November 23, 2016

An open letter to Goldendale Mayor Mike Canon and the City Council

I would like to better understand the proposed idea to sell one of our natural resources, water, which the City currently has the rights on. Before we the people can have an input on the matter, we... Full story

 By Avery Hoyt    Opinion    November 16, 2016

Floating together

I believe in abortion rights, gun control and climate change. I know and deeply care about people that disagree with me on these topics including members of my family and friends. Time ticks away and... Full story

 By Jim Rich    Opinion    November 16, 2016

America is Great

The political wars are over and America has chosen a new president. How will he make America great again? In my opinion, Mr. Trump could address three issues that would save America millions of... Full story

 By Jim Miller    Opinion    November 16, 2016

Savvy Senior Caregiving Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers

Dear Savvy Senior, Can you recommend any long-distance caregiving tips that can help me help my elderly father who lives in another state? He has physically declined over the past year, but is... Full story

 By Jim Miller    Opinion    November 2, 2016

Incentive Trusts can motivate even your wayward heirs

Dear Savvy Senior, What can you tell me about incentive trusts? I have two adult children that are financial disasters. Before I die, I want to put some type of requirements in place that they will...

 By Kathy Moco    Opinion    November 2, 2016

Send him back to office

It is my pleasure to write this letter of endorsement to retain Norm Johnson as our State Representative. Since Redistricting Norm has been attentive to the needs of Klickitat County. He is always... Full story

 By Oren Johnson    Opinion    November 2, 2016

Best for Public Instruction

Please vote Chris Reykdal for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I’ve personally heard both candidates speak and feel he is without question, the most qualified to fill this position. A champion... Full story


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