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By Don McManman

Easement fee would be more than land value

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

This is in response to R. Zornes’ editorial concerning a plan by the Bonneville Power Administration to build a new line from near Wishram to the Goldendale area.

Zornes says right-of-way landowners are being swindled. He also says he’s holding out for $1.6 million for an easement across his land—or $3.2 million if he has to go to court.

Big bucks!

It should be said that Bonneville offers some of the cheapest power on the continent. Additional costs to BPA will be paid by ratepayers, including most of The Sentinel’s readers.

But Zornes insists he deserves $1.6 million of ratepayer dollars just for an easement. He must have some fancy landscaping near Wishram, right?

I checked with the Assessor’s Office. Zornes owns 122.16 acres of undeveloped land. It’s assessed for $49,480—total.

Yet Zornes wants $1.6 million for an easement.

I think the assessor has some work to do.


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