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Rabbits and guinea pigs train for Klickitat County Fair


4-H cavy (guinea pig) and rabbit owners and enthusiasts gathered at the Klickitat County Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 14 to learn more about their animals and the proper way to show them.

Each participant had the chance to participate in classes on Fitting and Showing, Showmanship, Judging, Breed Identification and agility courses. Judging and Breed Identification classes taught the participants about the 47 recognized breeds of rabbits and the 13 recognized breeds of cavies along with the ARBA standards that each animal is evaluated against.

Classes were taught by Brandie Read of Goldendale, Cathy Johnson of Goldendale and Camille Weimar of The Dalles.

Many participants had their first chance to learn how to train their animals to go through mazes and tunnels, and over jumps and bridges. This was considered to be the best entertainment for the animals.

While this was also the first opportunity for many participants to learn about showing these animals, there was some interest in having additional classes to work on Judging and Breed Identification throughout the summer to prepare for the participants to participate at the Klickitat County Fair in August.


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