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By Paul Dunn

Assessor should be more careful

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

The recent release of Washington State’s Department of Revenue’s (DOR) 2011 audit of the County Assessor’s office accurately represents Darlene Johnson’s poor performance as County Assessor. Johnson marketed herself as having the education and the business experience to assume the responsibilities and duties of County Assessor when in actuality the report represents the contrary.

Darlene’s agenda for “changes” in the office were not thought through well and lacked analysis of what the consequences would be for the office, county government, taxing districts and ultimately the property owners in our county. The report is one of the worst that any county depart...

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Reader Comments

Treasurer writes:

I would like to set the record straight regarding some of the comments by “Rustler” in response to Paul Dunn’s Letter to the Editor. Some of the comments by “Rustler” are incorrect. There is not sufficient room on this website for my response, but there will be a letter to the Editor this week that will detail the facts regarding collection of excise taxes. Dani Burton Klickitat County Treasurer

rustler writes:

It's strange to see the deputy treasurer attacking the assessor, doesn't he have something constructive to do with his time? Sounds off the wall that she is being blamed for getting rid of some of the old employees. I had to deal with them in 2007,it was a welcomed move. How come he didn't bring up the fact that the treasure's office failed to collect $5.8 mil in excise tax when Cannon Power sold Windy Point for $385 mil? Sounds like MS. Johnson is digging deep into their secrets. Keep it up!


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