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By Lou Marzeles

Thanks to our college students present and future


In the last two years, The Sentinel has been favorably cited by readers and professional peers for several developments, which of course is heartening. Not least of these is its web site and online presence through Facebook and Twitter. A great deal of this has been due to the contributions of Rebecca Gourley, who very rudely has decided to go back to college. Tuesday was her last day. The Sentinel is a better news organization today because of her, and we’ll miss her. She’s likely to keep her hand in with us as circumstances allow from the far hinterlands of the University of Washington.

Meanwhile, JoAnne Grogan is back in the office for a time, before she too heads off for higher education. What is it with these kids today and college? JoAnne deserves particular recognition for being selected to become part of Washington State University’s inaugural class of students participating in the First Scholars Program. This program specializes in providing support for low-income and first-generation college students—those whose parents have no education beyond high school. Only 20 students out of 300 applicants were selected for this prestigious program.

Are there any other brilliant students who’d like to join us for a time? We’re looking into setting up local campuses (or is it campi?) of major universities.


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