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Injured teen rescued from rocks upstream from Fisher Hill Bridge


Andrew Christiansen

A 15 year old girl is hoisted from the rocks along the Klickitat River about 1/3 mile upstream from Fisher Hill Bridge.

A 15 year old girl was lifted from the rocks along the Klickitat River, Tuesday afternoon, following a day of tubing on the river that nearly turned into tragedy. Five teenage girls and a 10 year old boy thought they could tube from near Pitt on the Klickitat River, all the way past the Fisher Hill Bridge and put in at a campground on the lower reaches of the river. However, the stretch from the Yakama Tribal fish counting station to below Fisher Hill Bridge is extremely treacherous as the river tumbles over Lyle Falls and is compressed through a narrow shoot cut through the basalt. All five were dumped into the river at the falls and managed to make it to the rock walls of the Gorge a couple of hundred yards downstream from the falls. Four were helped from the river by a fisherman, Alan Cootes, along the west side of the river. The 15 year old clung to sticks on the east side of the river and managed to crawl out onto the rocks, suffering from a gash over her left eye. Klickitat County Search and Rescue and Klickitat County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene and lifted the girl in a basket, horizontally up the vertical cliff. All five survived the ordeal with minor injuries.

Andrew Christiansen

A 15 year old Hood River girl manages a smile as she is assisted by rescuers after crawling from a treacherous portion of the Klickitat River, upstream from the Fisher Hill Bridge.


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