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Voters could decide on six initiatives during Nov. 6 election


Backers of two citizen initiatives have submitted signatures far in excess of the 241,000 minimum and appear to be in good position to make the November statewide ballot. That would bring to six the number of state propositions facing the voters, including gay marriage and marijuana decriminalization.

Backers of Initiative 1240, the proposal to authorize charter schools in Washington, brought an estimated 350,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Elections Division. Then 90 minutes later, Tim Eyman and other sponsors submitted an estimated 318,000 signatures for I-1185 to restate the two-thirds vote requirement for taxes and fees passed in Olympia.

Both are widely expected to make the fall ballot, but the Elections Division will do a random sample to assure that 241,000 valid signatures were turned in by Friday’s deadline.

The other measures heading to the ballot are:

• Referendum 74, a vote on whether to approve or reject the state’s new law authorizing civil marriage for same-sex couples. The bill was Senate Bill 6239.

• Initiative 502, decriminalizing marijuana sales and use by adults, is already on the ballot. It was an initiative to the Legislature, but lawmakers did not take it up, so it was guaranteed a public vote this fall.

Two non-controversial constitutional amendments were placed on the ballot by the Legislature. One, SJR8221, would implement changes in use of state bond debt, and the other, SJR8223, deals with investments by the University of Washington and Washington State University.


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