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By Doug Garman

The city doesn’t want local business

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

It seems to me the City does not want local businesses. The Chamber of Commerce was one of our first stops in this county. They promote tourism, just by existing. I read the articles in the paper and my impression from those is the city official has a political bone to pick and wants to go out of area to spend Goldendale money. To demand reasonable documentation of tourism boosting is reasonable. The Home and Garden Show—who came? I had a space once, and my target audience was local people. About two thirds of the people I was able to talk to were from out of the area. So I decided it was not worth my time. Tourists were there, so, the venue was promoting tourism. If the city decides to spend our money outside the area, then the people need to consider why.

The Chamber is capable of advertising our city and county outside this community. They have access to professional photographers and their work to make accurate print or web-based displays. For example, the “Pig Bowl” game in The Dalles will be a Goldendale city, Klickitat County, community effort to assist Karen Warren as she battles to defeat brain cancer. This tells tourists that Goldendale cares for her people. This might be difficult to place in a glossy printed piece, but a website promotion PSA could have enough tags to generate a couple dozen hits at least. Add “a KVH employee” to that and you add another tag and a plug for KVH. And if I were doing it, I would spell the hospital name out for better understanding by tourists—oh, Goldendale has a hospital!


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