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Goldendale Police dealt with more theft and property damage issues in 2012 vs 2011


The Goldendale Police have provided a summary of their activity for 2012 and the numbers look very similar to 2011’s data. The data shows an increase in theft and property damage types of issues, when grouping all similar types of calls. There were nearly 1,000 calls of that nature in 2012 compared to 831 calls in 2011. The category “thefts other” includes other than automobile thefts. In 2011 the department dealt with 111 of those calls. In 2012 that category had 171 calls. The department also dealt with wanted persons more in 2012, 75 versus 55, in 2011.

A group of issues that relate to violent or potentially violent types of calls shows nearly identical numbers with 353 and 359 for 2011 and 2012, respectively. There were no rapes and 10 sex offense calls in 2011, two rapes and 10 sex offense calls in 2012. There were 53 assaults and assault with knife calls in 2011, 52 in 2012.

One of the more remarkable numbers is 911 hang up calls. There were 60 of those calls in both years. Motor vehicle accidents were nearly identical, 45 in 2011 and 46 in 2012.

There were more public assistance issues in 2012, the kinds of things where the public is requiring or asking for police assistance, as in medical issues or welfare check-ups. Public assistance involving disputes and noise complaints were down in 2012.

One area where calls were less in 2012 is a grouped category of animal issues. It includes barking dogs, lost animals, abused animals, animal bites and vicious animals. In 2011 the number was 342. It was down to 303 in 2012.

Overall, there were 2,897 items logged in 2011 and 3,168 in 2012. The numbers do not indicate time spent on any given issue.


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