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By Tim ONeill
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Christmas becomes federal holiday, first electric stove


Which ones are real?...

June 26: 1870—The U.S. declares Christmas a federal holiday. 1959—The Great Lakes welcome ocean-going ships with the opening of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Born: László Löwenstein a/k/a Peter Lorre (1904). International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Today’s Word: Theranostics—strategy combining diagnostics and therapeutics to monitor treatment response and to increase drug efficacy.

June 27: 1652—The first U.S. speed limit law is enacted in New Amsterdam (now NYC). Born: Tobey Maguire (1975). Died: Shelby Foote (2005). National Orange Blossom Day. Today’s Word: Cibosity—a large cache of food supplies.

June 28: 1778—Mary Ludwig Hays carries water to colonial soldiers at the Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth, N.J. She is nicknamed Mary Pitcher. 2012—The Supreme Court upholds health care mandate. Died: President James Madison (1836). National Tapioca Day. Today’s Word: Labrose—thick-lipped.

June 29: 1652—Massachusetts declares it is an independent commonwealth. It is later followed by Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia. 2007—The Apple iPhone goes on sale. Died: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1861). Waffle Iron Day. Today’s Word: Yegg—a felon, burglar, safecracker.

June 30: 1896—New York City’s William. S. Hadaway, Jr., gets the first U.S. patent for the electric stove. Despite the technological breakthrough, most men still can’t boil an egg. 2013—12,309 kids unfortunately learn by experience what is meant by a quick fuse. Meteor Day. Today’s Word: Pataphysics—the science of imaginary solutions. See Politics, Economics and Editorials.

July 1: 1963—The U.S. Postal Service gives Americans more to forget about when it introduces the five-digit zip code. 2008—President Bush removes Nelson Mandela from the Terror Watch List. Died: Harriet Beecher Stowe joins Topsy (1896). Lasagna Awareness Month. Today’s Phrase: Today’s Word: Enodate—to unravel, clear difficulties, to free from knots.


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