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Nixon nominated, original Tea Party platform


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July 24: 1851—Britain abolishes the window tax as a result of intense lobbying by Windex. 1974—The Supreme Court tells Nixon to surrender the Watergate tapes. Born: Ruth Buzzi (1936). Died: Peter Sellers (1980). National Tequila Day. Today’s Word: Tollation—the act of lifting.

July 25: 1609—The HMS Sea Venture is deliberately driven ashore to avoid sinking in a storm over Bermuda. Those who lived through it declare Bermuda an English colony. 1908—Tokyo Imperial University’s Kikunae Ikeda discovers a key flavoring ingredient in kombu soup stock is monosodium glutamate (MSG) and patents a process to manufacture it. 1969—Nixon declares the Nixon Doctrine to “Vietnamese” the war and directs South Vietnam to start pulling its own weight to defend itself. Despite the wisdom of the theory, the war continues. 2023—The National Security Agency leaks to the media embarrassing private information found on the computers used by WikiLeaks staff members and Edward Snowden. Died: Ben Hogan (1997). National Hot Fudge Sundae Day. Today’s Word: Jocoserious—both funny and serious.

July 26: 1895—Pierre Curie ties the knot with Marie Sklodowska. They later received the Nobel Prize for their research of radioactivity. 1943—Visibility is limited to three blocks in Los Angeles, due to smog. 1974—The artificial sweetener aspartame (Sweet ’n’ Low) is approved by the FDA. Born: Psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. Died: The inventor of taste treats Pop Rocks, Cool Whip, Tang, and quick-set Jell-O Gelatin, William A. Mitchell (2004). Day of the National Rebelliousness (Cuba). Today’s Word: Ventripotent—gluttonous, fat bellied.

July 27: 1837—The U.S. Mint opens in Charlotte, N.C. 1844—In Charlotte, N.C., the U.S. Mint is destroyed by fire. 1960—Vice-President Nixon becomes the GOP nominee for president. 1984—All members of the House Judiciary Committee die in a fire at the U.S. Mint in Charlotte, N.C. Born: Alex Rodriguez (1975). Today’s Word: Garth—an enclosed yard or garden.

July 28: 1773—The original Tea Partiers say there will be “no taxation without representation.” 1868—The 14th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified. 1914—Harry Fox dances the foxtrot for the first time at the New Amsterdam Roof Garden in New York City. 1943—FDR announces the end of coffee rationing in the US. However, sugar and half and half rationing continue. 2015—The present Tea Parties change their mottos to, “With our representation there will be no taxation.” Born: Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis (1945). Guillotined: French revolutionary Robespierre (1781). Hamburger Day. Today’s Word: Influous—an adjective to describe someone who ignores their horoscope if it is bad.

July 29: 1858—Japan and the U.S. sign their first commercial treaty. 1972—A recently moved married couple decides not to spend any money on Christmas gifts but celebrate the holiday by waiting until December 25 to open their moving boxes. “Oh, a toaster! A coffee brewer! Just what we needed!” 1986—First the bad news: A N.Y. federal jury holds the NFL committed an antitrust violation against its rival, the United States Football League. Now the good news for the NFL: The jury awarded damages to the USFL in the amount of $3.00. Born: Peter Jennings (1938). Died: Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart (1844). Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day. Today’s Word: Zannar—a girdle.


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