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It's not the end of summer- it's the start of autumn

Kid's Eye View


Hello, Goldendale! Please forgive me for the unexpected hiatus I took. I did not mean for it to be as long as it was. But besides that, let’s talk about what’s on the mind of every department store and car dealership: the return to school.

The commercials on television are like an evil, continuous taunt of, “Summer is over!” But I like to think of the return to school not as the end of summer, but the beginning of fall. A whole new year ahead of you getting to open those packages of pens and using those beautiful new notebooks. Now, I can’t speak for all kids, but I believe that getting new school supplies is awesome. I mean, who doesn’t love to get new stuff, especially when you’re going to need it? The pretty filler paper, the smooth lead of Ticonderoga pencils, and binders with rings that aren’t broken fill me with felicity.

Summer may have heat, but fall mornings are found remarkably desirable by me. A fall morning where I live is the most idyllic thing a person could ask for. Of course, mornings indoors are extremely hectic, since four people have to be a certain place at some specific time. But all that was gone by the time we all stepped outside. Also, during fall time, the leaves change from their mediocre green to many different colors. The rain is perfect, too. Summer rain is hot, muggy, and seems thick. Winter rain is much too cold, and causes sleet and ice. But fall rain is tranquil and the perfect temperature. Speaking of temperature, fall weather isn’t like being in an oven or a freezer. It’s perfect.

Also, school gives people something to do. Instead of being trapped inside watching daytime television reruns, you can do something productive. I’m not saying that The Jeff Probst Show isn’t educational (it isn’t), but killing your brain cells watching stuff you saw yesterday doesn’t sound good no matter how you put it. And closing your eyes during the commercial breaks is not a good excuse for sitting through The Chew or Anderson Live. Fall is a great opportunity to leave the four walls of your bedroom.

Speaking of television, the quality of the shows on TV improve greatly. A lot of the shows on NBC and ABC start the day of, before, or after my birthday. That was a hint to my friends, should they watch The Middle and read this newspaper, and one is more likely than the other. Luckily, my summer was (barely) more fun than getting a tooth pulled. But sadly, some of it was spent watching the reruns of a lot of shows. Sometimes the episode of a certain show was on so often that I could name it just by listening to the first few lines. I watch television for entertainment, not to memorize the lines of The Big Bang Theory.

So, if I didn’t make myself clear in the first four hundred ninety-something words, I like fall.


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