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By Lyle and Grace Ferch

Police do great work, need much more support

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Grace and I want to publicly express our gratitude to the Goldendale police for the immediate response to our home burglary. We reported the crime on Sunday at 5 p.m. after we returned from church camp. They had four of the criminals behind bars and recovered many of the items by 6 p.m. on Tuesday evening. Incredible, 48 hours!

My neighbors and, yes, my dental office staff were able to gather critical information for our police to take action. I won’t mention individual names of those who helped because I don’t want to put them in danger of reprisals. These criminals have long records and low-life friends who may be waiting for a chance to get even.

Items were carried across state lines and hidden in various other locations. Our police handled this so professionally, and with such speed, the offenders didn’t know what hit them. Our Goldendale police force has taken these four dangerous thugs off the street, making our town safer for all of us. Now it is up to the judicial system to do their part and keep them locked behind bars. I have heard that at least one of them is a two-time convicted felon deserving a permanent prison sentence.

If we can organize neighborhood watch groups that will cooperatively monitor each other’s property, and let them know when we will be gone and who is allowed to on our property during our absence, our police would have a much easier time locking up the networks of thieves that have invaded our great little community. Again, thanks to all who helped.


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