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Stock market crashes, Statue of Liberty dedicated, first match

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Oct. 23: 1994—Floyd “Floyd” Hinterbock is the first teenager to say something “sucks.” The term came from trumpet jazz musicians—a good horn player was said to “blow,” meaning he was a good player. A bad player was said to have sucked, meaning he was so bad he was sucking on the horn instead of blowing into it. Born: Weird Al Yankovic (1959). Died: Al Jolson 1950. National Mole Day. Today’s Word: Ebaptization—stating someone has not been baptized properly.

Oct. 24: 1836—A patent is issued for the match. 1901—Anna Taylor becomes the first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. 1971—An arrow shot by a foot bow travels 1 mile and 268 yards for the world record arrow flight. Boldly Going Where All Men Go Sooner or Later: Gene Roddenberry (1991). National Bologna Day. Today’s Word: Peristerophilist—a person who collects pigeons.

Oct. 25: 1955—Tappan sells the first microwave oven for domestic use, a 220-volt wall-unit the size of a conventional oven. 1990—A mother donates a lung to her 12-year-old daughter, becoming the first live lung donor. National Kitchen and Bath Month. Today’s Word: Opodeldocs - liniments made of soap dissolved in alcohol with added aromatic oils and herbs.

Oct. 26: 9469 BC—The mattress is invented; shortly afterwards, Sleep Country USA opens its first retail store. 1854—409 die in the Charge of Light Brigade. Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night. Cowboy slang: Marble Orchard—a graveyard.

Oct. 28: 1636—In Cambridge, Mass., Harvard College is founded. 1886—“Liberty Enlightening the World,” now known as the Statue of Liberty, is dedicated by President Cleveland on Bedloe’s Island, now known as Liberty Island, N.Y. Born: Bill Gates (1955). Today’s Political Word: Pathomania - moral insanity.

Oct. 29: 1929—“Black Tuesday” or The Stock Market Crash of 1929 causes billions of dollars lost, wiping out thousands and partly causing the Great Depression. Born: Fanny “Baby Snooks” Brice (1891). Hermit Day. They throw a party every year, but no one shows up. Today’s Word: Anacreontic - celebrating love and merriment.


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