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Kennedy killed, St. Helens' earlier eruption, Nobel Prizes funded


Nov. 21: 301,000 BC—First time a hominid multi-tasked; he both hunted and gathered. 1922—Rebecca Felton becomes the first female U.S. Senator. 1973—Rosemary Woods “accidental” erasure of 18 minutes of a Watergate tape is discovered. Born: Malcolm John “Mac” Rebennack, Jr., stage name Dr. John the Night Tripper (1940). Robert Benchley (1945). World Television Day. Today’s Word: Esssse—ashes.

Nov. 22: 1842—In Washington State, Mount St. Helens erupts. 1925—Red Grange signs with “Da Bears.” 1928—In Paris, Maurice Ravel’s Bolero is first performed publicly. 1934—Eddie Cantor’s radio show premieres “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.” 1963—President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Born: Tarzan, of the Apes (1888). Robin Hood (1247). Thanksgiving. Today’s Word: Wimple—a veil, wrap or shawl.

Nov. 23: 1982—The FCC rules it won’t limit the frequency or duration of TV ads, later causing infomercials and the QVC channel. Born: Adolph “Harpo” Marx (1888). Died: Somalian resistance leader and non-TV wrestler, “The Mad Molla” a/k/a Mohammed ibn Addoellah. (1920). Eat a Cranberry Day. Today’s Word: Witzelsucht—a feeble attempt at humor, like what you are reading.

Nov. 24: 1835—The Texas Rangers are authorized by the Texas Provincial Government. The Rangers are now a part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. 1859—Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species. 1971—D. B. Cooper parachutes from a Northwest Orient Airlines plane along with $200,000 in ransom money. Born: Scott Joplin (1868). Died: Lee Harvey Oswald (1963); cause of death—Jack Ruby. National Sardines Day. Today’s Word: Brabeum—A prize or reward.

Nov. 25: 1792—The Farmer’s Almanac is published for the first time. 1930—Ito, Japan, has 690 earthquake shocks in one day. 2014—Cable’s Bravo station debuts “The Wives of Omaha Dentists.” The show is cancelled during the first commercial break. Born: The Yankee Clipper, “Joltin’” Joe DiMaggio (1914). Died: Harold Washington, Chicago’s first black mayor (1987). National Parfait Day. Today’s Word: Ventripotent—fat.

Nov. 26: 1452—Priests attempt to exorcise a contract to get rid of the devil in the details. 1716—In Boston, a lion is first exhibited in the U.S. 1867—J.B. Sutherland patents the refrigerated railroad car; now if he could only have patented the deodorizing cattle car. 1896—The football huddle is invented by A. A. Stagg of the University of Chicago. 1950—China sends its troops across the Yalu River into Korea in the Korean War. 1952—Hollywood hosts the premiere of Bwana Devil, the first modern 3D movie. 1979—Oil deposits are found in Venezuela that equal OPEC’s oil reserves. Born: Founder of the Seventh Day Adventists, Ellen Gould White (1827). Died: Supreme Court Justice Bushrod Washington (1829). Cake Day. Today’s Word: Fefnicute - a hypocrite or sneak as in “Most politicians are fefnicutes!”

Nov. 27: 1834—Thomas Davenport invents the first commercially successful electric motor. 1895—After executing his will, Alfred Nobel deposits money in a Stockholm bank to be put in trust for the Nobel Prizes. 1924—Macy’s Department Store holds its first Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City (it first happened in Haverhill, Mass., in 1854). 2011—Almost 10,000 people dress as zombies to parade in Mexico City’s “zombie walk” and claim the world record over Brisbane, Australia (8,000) and New Jersey (a paltry 4,093). Born: Lee Jun Fan a/k/a Bruce Lee (1940). Died: Playwright Eugene O’Neill (1953). National Bavarian Cream Pie Day. Today’s Word: Nelipot—a barefoot walker.


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