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By Darrell Smith

The unbridled rule of selfishness


To the Editor:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

—Edmund Burke

At the recent Goldendale Planning Committee public meeting, nearly everyone who came to speak and present asking that Goldendale should, indeed, pass an ordinance prohibiting further expansion of marijuana operations in the city found it was a complete waste of time, due to two committee members who had no grasp of the issue or the economic cost to the community.

We made it abundantly clear that the citizens expected the city and its elected, appointed, and exempt officials to abide by the will of the majority of the voters to pass and enforce an ordinance to ban further expansion of the marijuana industry in Goldendale, beyond the one store that was shoved down our throats, without input from the citizens or city council. Now we find that these two members apparently lost their spines altogether, along with having a foundational misunderstanding of exactly what a new ordinance would cost the city. Frankly, there was far more grasp and backbone by Sherry Carver, the one member who made a motion to recommend the ordinance.

Our expectation and desire? Simply, that the ordinance be established to prevent any more stores, processing, or grow operations. The net cost of enforcement is exactly zero. May I remind Hope, Taylor, and the city council: we currently have a moratorium, with no cost of enforcement.

To answer Mr. Hope’s sadly uninformed and, frankly, cowardly stance of, “It’s coming anyway, and we already have a drug problem, so why enforce this law here”: Mr. Hope, shall we fight an already raging fire by adding an accelerant to it? Your statement is illogical and absurd on its face.

It was apparent that both Taylor and Hope came to this Kabuki theatre public forum with their minds made up, and no amount of expert testimony by highly qualified professionals in their fields, no amount of clear and compelling logic from the citizens that they do not want more marijuana businesses here, and the clear-headed urging from Sherry Carver to doing the right thing, would move Hope and Taylor from their personal stands.

What we have seen repeatedly throughout this whole shameful and sad episode of abuse of office and feckless, underqualified, and wholly inadequate appointees ostensibly placed to act in the best interests of the citizens is that they pressed their own counter-opinion instead. It always comes down to a profoundly selfish act: namely, forget the children of this city and those who want no part of it in their community: the employers and enforcers, counselors, schools, charity outlets, and care givers.

A lie does not become truth, wrong does not become right, and evil does not become good just because it is accepted by the majority.



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