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By Akasha Spino-Bybee
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Centerville, Goldendale students to visit nation's capital


Students in fourth to twelfth grade from Centerville and Goldendale school districts will be going to visit our nation’s capital. Jeff Fields, history teacher at Centerville Middle School, will be coordinating a trip to Washington D.C. in June 2016.

“This is my fourth trip to D.C. and normally I try to shoot for having our fifth to eighth graders come on the trip. We fundraise for two and a half years before we go, so we reach the students who may be attending the trip as third to sixth graders. I also have several high school students going this time,” says Fields.

The Centerville and Goldendale school districts are using the 4H “Know Your Government” model as a guide. The students will be able to see and experience American history and places they have always heard about but have never seen. Fields believes that teaching U.S. history the year after the trip makes the class more fun to teach and relatable for students.

“What started out as a Centerville trip has now blended with Goldendale,” Fields states, “so our group is made up of students from both districts. And due to the wide range of students, we run our fundraising through 4H, so we are a 4H group.” This group is called The Centerville 4H Capital Learning Group.

Jennifer Armstrong, another 4H Capital learning Group affiliate, is hosting a fundraising taco feed at the American Legion in Goldendale on Friday, Feb. 20 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This 4H group is trying to raise as much money as possible for the trip, as there are 30 students who will be attending. On the trip, students will get to stay four days in Washington, D.C., and visit Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and Boston.

“We are looking for as many fundraising opportunities as possible,” says Fields. Please show your support for our local schools and help students experience American history as they have never before. You can do this by coming to the taco feed or by helping the 4H group host fundraisers.

Call Jeff Fields at Centerville Middle school at 773-4893 or Jennifer Armstrong at (360) 921-4980 for more information.


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