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Could a Costco really be headed for this little town?


Yep! It’s cool livin’ in a small town!

Yes, living in a small town can present challenges and benefits untold. My son in Houston, Texas tells of standing in line at the post office normally for up to half an hour to be waited on. He said the real problems occur when several folks ahead of him are renewing their passports. Often a large family will be gathered around the main counter, with their right hands raised, swearing to the truth. He said this is a small local post office.

In our friendly little post office, it’s a crowd at the counter if four people are waiting. And strangers waiting there will likely strike up a conversation. A friend of mine, staying in Paris for a time, warmly greeted a passing neighbor on the street. The lady scowled and said haughtily, “Excuse me? Do we know each other?”

Walk through the double doors of our post office and likely someone ahead will hold the doors open. “Thank you!” “Thanks again!” I recently held the doors open for a man and he seemed to snarl at my kindness. I expected him to say, “Excuse me, do we know each other?” Maybe he was a visitor from Paris.

Wake up with an earache and within an hour you can be at our friendly clinic seeing a doctor after a short wait. A friend told me of an experience needing an emergency room for a minor problem. The family waited in a crowded waiting room for over three hours in a major city hospital.

Have you been to Portland or Vancouver about 4 or 5 p.m.? Your car inches along, stops, moving at an amazing speed of perhaps 20 miles per hour. At least at that speed vehicles are relatively safe. Our small town has more traffic than a few years back, but tolerable. The big traffic jam of the day happens when the high school is let out. We still cherish the lack of stop lights and depend upon our two red lights that are like stop signs. Again, courtesy is usually displayed when two vehicles approach the lights at the same time. It really works.

Need some dental work done? Usually they’ll fit you in the same day or the next.

Our small town also prides itself with the quiet and solitude of our location. The most noise occurs on the night of the 4th of July when we shoot off rockets and fireworks. So far, so good, but what happens when you live in our village and you need a new pair of shoes or a fancy blouse for your special party?

Better get in your car and drive for half an hour to a town across the river, where there is also no sales tax. When I make this trek, I usually meet several folks from my hometown, there for the same reason.

Those older residents in our town recall fondly of the good old days when our village sported several clothing stores, national grocery chains, tractor agencies and leading auto sales. They are all gone now; only the memories remain.

Who knows, perhaps we’ll go full circle with our town and Costco will soon announce a huge complex in Goldendale!


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