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Iron Mustangs perform well at Regionals


Last week the Trout Lake Robotics Team the ‘Iron Mustangs’ went to the Regional competition at Cheney ranked 34 out of 64 teams.  After a tremendous slide in standings to 56 the first day, they made a tremendous come back, finishing quite happily back where they started. 

The problem was a computer malfunction which they could not solve during competition the first day so the team performed poorly despite their best efforts.  In the evening, the FIRST robotics tech team found and corrected the problem. This allowed the Iron Mustangs to perform quite strongly the next day and they rose rapidly through the ranks to regain their former standing. This problem had plagued performance all season but had not created major problems until the regional competition.

Additionally the experienced senior members of the team were not present so the rookie members operated the robot. Despite the setbacks the Iron Mustangs feel good that they bounced back! The computer fix should be permanent so it should continue to work well in subsequent seasons. Congrats overcoming challenges Iron Mustangs!

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