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April 22, 2015


50 Years Ago - April 22, 1965

• The County Commissioners voted at their meeting Monday to delay the decision on the closure of the old Maryhill Loops. Only two interested persons appeared at the hearing, and they suggested that the loop road be left open for the driving of livestock instead of driving them on the highway, and that the lower end of the road might be left open for hunters to park.

The commissioners voted to close the lower part of old Highway 97 from Albert Jaekel’s place to the junction with the Maryhill Cemetery road. This section and also the loop road were badly washed out by the December flooding.

75 Years Ago - April 18, 1940

• If Jim Brazelton, water superintendent, has to make another trip to the Simcoe water shed in the next few weeks he thinks he’ll take along a pair of snow shoes. Last Thursday Brazelton made his first trip up to the head of the city pipe line since last February. After the first nine miles he encountered so much snow it was necessary to leave his truck and walk the remaining distance. At places above the Hartley camp, Brazelton said, there is still more than four feet of hard packed snow. This snow, he says, will do much towards insuring Goldendale an ample supply of water during the coming spring and summer. Last year the snowfall was light in the Simcoes.

100 Years Ago - April 22, 1915

• The first of the week a speeder was fined for exceeding the state law regarding to auto speeds. Some of the auto drivers debate the intent of the law, as well as the impossibility to comply. The law says 12 miles an hour in town; four miles an hour over crossings, and not over 30 miles an hour in the country. If the law is enforced, there is less chance for disaster. Few autoists can come out and say they never have driven to exceed the prescribed limits.

125 Years Ago - April 24, 1890

• Messrs. Hoxter & Newell, the well known stock dealers, being the principal owners of Hopkins addition to Goldendale, have gone into the real estate business, delegating as the managers thereof, Dr. Stewart and R. E. Jackson of this place, who will do a general real estate business handling the Hopkins addition as many other desirable tracts.


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