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By Lou Marzeles

The April Fool's Day story and photo that won't go away


The calls go something like this:

“Hey, I’m trying to find that Bigfoot crossing sign you ran in your paper. It’s up on 97, right? Looks like it from the picture.”

And there’s the person in Florida who contacted us wanting a copy of the picture of the Bigfoot crossing sign. And the several people who’ve called the Chamber of Commerce asking for the exact location of the sign. And the people who’ve come into The Sentinel office asking about the sign and the story.

It’s turned into the April Fool’s Day story that won’t go away. On April 1 this year, we ran our annual issue with three stories that were fake, with a contest for a free year’s subscription to the first person who calls in and correctly identifies all three stories. A lot of people thought one true story was one of the fake ones: we ran pictures of a Life Flight helicopter bringing someone to KVH, and many people assumed it was phony. The reasoning was the presumption that Life Flight doesn’t bring people to KVH, only from KVH. But in fact that’s not always true, and in this case the service really was bringing someone to the Goldendale hospital.

The April Fool’s Day stories this year were a piece on Washington State establishing diplomatic relations with Oregon; alien eagle herders in the sky; and (drum roll) the Bigfoot crossing sign.

The sign was the brainchild and artistic handicraft of our reporter, Akasha Spino-Bybee, who Photoshopped the picture with her dad’s help. The sign really does look extremely real. And Akasha added an image of a large furry mammal in the bushes on the side of the road (that readers are also asking about).

“Oddly enough,” Akasha says about all the recent inquiries, “no one has seen the sign in a number of weeks. One can assume that Bigfoot took the sign down himself, with hopes of deterring his recent attention.”

Well, sure, we can understand that. A Sasquatch needs his privacy.

On the other hand, since so many people are intrigued by the phony photo and story, we’re looking into creating an actual sign we can put up and charge people to have their picture taken with it. Talk about a major tourist attraction!


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