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By Lou Marzeles

God called on human rights issue by WHRC


God obviously doesn’t know what He’s doing, so thank God (so to speak) that we have the Washington Human Rights Commission (WHRC).

God, of course, got it all wrong when He created just two sexes. What was He thinking?! Helloooo, Earth to God? Don’t you know we get to choose what sexes we want to be, irrespective of how You made us?

Of course I’m being sarcastic, as befits a response to the lunacy of the WHRC inflicting its will on the citizenry of Washington State in form of imposing drastic fines on any business or school that refuses to admit a man who says he’s a woman into a woman’s rest room. When the story first broke, one had to wonder if it was from The Onion or Mad Magazine or something equally facetious. Even then the humor would have been of very questionable taste.

Presumably the WHRC thought it was in the hip vanguard of the new wave of human evolution. It’s the view that human history evolves like a child growing up and casting off childish notions; as “adults” in this adult stage of history, we have no more need of a moral sense or traditional values. Those are antiquated and obsolete—dangerous, even, since they risk trampling on the rights of those who want to hold all others to their sense of what is right.

But come on. Where does your mind have to be to think enacting such a law is healthy and beneficial to all society?

It’s important to ensure our society does no harm to minorities, whether those are ethnic, religious, or of sexual preference. One may not agree with or even oppose the lifestyles of each of these, but sane people are aware it is wrong to do them harm. We acknowledge that generally people are worthy of respect. The ability to respect others tends to be proportionate to the lack of respect demonstrated by those who think lightly of killing and maiming, as in the case of ISIS.

But for God’s sake, let’s get a grip. Call yourself a woman all you want; you still deserve not to be harmed or slighted. But unless you are anatomically a woman, you have no business being in a public women’s restroom. How do the rights of the women in that space warrant being superceded by the rights of the very few confused men who actually do feel they are women? What about the easy potential for male sexual predators to take a seat in a women’s room and leer to their misguided heart’s content, inflicting grave discontent and unease on the women there? Or does the WHRC just want women to suck it up, snap out of it, and grow up?


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