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By Steve Kenny

Some 'votes' need to be suppressed


To the Editor:

Suppress the vote?

The same refrain can be heard far and wide every election season by Democrats. “Republicans just want to suppress the vote.” “They are attempting to disenfranchise [fill in the blank] voters with their mean tricks.” Just once, I would like a strong Republican leader to say “You’re damn right I want to suppress the vote!” Then explain.

True conservative Republicans do want to suppress the vote. We want to prevent unregistered voters from voting. We want to keep dishonest voters from voting multiple times. We want to keep illegal aliens from voting illegally. We also prefer dead people not temporarily raise from their graves to cast ballots for the likes of, say, a Christine Gregoire.

On the flip side, we want as many intelligent and engaged people as possible to vote. We know that careful consideration of each issue and candidate by voters usually favors Republicans. You never hear of Republicans rounding up homeless people on Election Day to get them to the polls. You never hear of scandals with large blocks of dead people voting R. You never hear of unions intimidating voters to vote R. You never hear of over 100 percent voter turnout in Republican precincts like you might in Democrat ones. It’s no surprise Mr. Obama and Terry McCaulliffe, Governor of Virginia (a swing state), are pardoning and/or re-establishing voting rights of thousands of felons just in time for Hillary in November.

It is always Democrats crying foul about voter suppression while trying stacking the deck and Republicans trying to keep the sanctity of the election process and anticipating the likely fraud from all the new programs introduced by Democrats. Motor voter, vote by mail, no identification needed, same day registration, no party affiliation primaries, and the like all provide cover for voter fraud.


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