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By Jess Macinko
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Changes on Main Street

Roof issue forces move, NAPA changes hands, Golden Chinook to return, Windy Ridge for sale


Spring is just around the corner, and Main Street is shaking things up. This week: Anderson Insurance Associates changes locations, Goldendale Auto Parts changes hands, Windy Ridge is for sale, and don’t worry, Golden Chinook isn’t going anywhere.

Anderson Insurance

Following an unidentified roofing problem, Anderson Insurance Associates’ Goldendale office will be moving to a new location on Main Street.

Joseph Anderson, who was out of town when the incident occurred, reports that around Feb. 13, his office assistant “heard a loud crash, then a large amount of water poured from the second floor through to the first floor, rendering it unusable.”

The exact nature of the problem remains a mystery. Anderson, who began renting the space at 117 E. Main St. last April, has never been able to access the second floor.

Ken Bostick, city building inspector, says the incident was reported Friday, Feb. 17, and is still under investigation.

The new location will be at 116 W. Main St., next to Programs for Peaceful Living. Anderson hopes to be up and running early this week.

The Goldendale branch office hasn’t had an easy time finding space in town. Previously, Anderson rented space next to the Simcoe Cafe, but that location was broken into. The perpetrator reportedly stole Anderson Insurance’s bank account information, then tried to cash checks and buy a TV using a combination of his own name and Anderson Insurance’s checking account. Anderson decided it was time to move when he learned the perpetrator had been released from jail and moved back into his old apartment—located above the branch office rental space.

Anderson laments a shortage of retail space in Goldendale and surrounding areas.

“I don’t know what the solution is, but there’s an issue that needs to be addressed,” he says.

Goldendale Auto Parts

Goldendale Auto Parts, formerly stocked by NAPA, will now be selling Federated Auto Parts products. Former owner Dave Ward sold the store to P and F Automotive, part of the Federated Auto Parts buying group, on Feb. 1.

Ward will continue to manage the store, and says the current employees are all staying on. They are in the process of bringing in the new inventory—Ward says prices will be “very competitive.” At the same time, he is confident the new owners “understand small farming communities” and that the store will remain community-minded.

John Ibach, one of those new owners, says this will be the eighth auto parts store for P and F. The company began in 1945 with a machine shop in Yakima, and now has locations in Wenatchee, Quincy, Pasco, Union Gap, Wapato, Zillah and Sunnyside. Their Yakima warehouse also services stores in Omak and Idaho.

Ibach says the business is excited to branch out into Goldendale. “We’re a third generation, family-owned company. We try to keep the [staff] local and let them do what they know how to do.”

“It’s a great group of guys in here,” Ibach says, speaking of the current staff. “That’s key for us.”

Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge Saloon and Eatery is up for grabs. A listing from Dryside Property highlights the building’s historic charm, large occupancy rating (90 people), and fully equipped kitchen and bar. Other features include ornate stained glass, copper ceilings, and plenty of extra space—room in the back for potential brewing, room upstairs for office or residential space. All that for only $350,000. For more information, contact Jennifer Mitchell at Dryside Properties at 261-2600 or

Golden Chinook

For anyone who’s noticed the dormant front of the Golden Chinook but hasn’t read the sign, don’t worry. A missed form caused the cafe’s closure, but owner Travis Herseim says it’s only temporary.

“I screwed up—I forgot to send in one form.” Ironically, Herseim says the form only asks him to verify two things: that he still owns the cafe and that it’s open for business.

Herseim says the cafe will open its doors again as soon as he gets the right paperwork back from the state. “[We’re] just waiting on the state. We’re still planning to host events this summer. My plans haven’t changed.”


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