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By Mildred Lykens
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Twin Bridges Museum still needs help


One last reminder about the Lyle Clean Up on Saturday April 8 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Twin Bridges Museum provides you a chance to eliminate all the debris that has been collecting all year around your property and home—for free. The museum is run totally by volunteers and this is one of their annual fundraising events that is needed for preserving the wonderful items local pioneer families have donated; But…they could sure use your donations. In a separate issue, the board has voted to join the other museums and begin charging a small admission fee; the membership will entitle the bearer to a year’s free admission. The volunteers have worked hard to insure the standards are upheld in the upkeep and care of not only the building, grounds and displays well. Opening day is the first Saturday in June and each Saturday thereafter through September. By combining the two this year, those membership applications will be available at the clean up, as well as a milk can for your financial support.

If you have a love of children K-12, your attendance is needed for mentors for Lyle Students. Now through the end of April is signup time so as to get the training and start work with Kids by mid-May. Even just a couple of hours a week would help out a child. To learn more or to apply for the mentorship program, please call Heather Lopez at or (509) 365-2211. A fill-out application form is also available on the district webpage at

A very valuable organization here in Lyle is the Fire Department. Volunteers are always in demand and it’s a great way to join a great bunch of neighbors. Please consider joining as they could use more personnel on their roster, men and women. They will train individuals through local on-the-job training and/or through other training opportunities with local fire departments. Contact Scott Brewer at

A helpful household hint? Talking with other residents in the area I’ve found that there is one problem that we share. It’s that mineral ring in the toilet. Well, recently I came across a possible answer in the High Prairian Newsletter. A contributor offered her solution: The “miracle,” non-chemical cure is—wait for it—drywall sanding screen! Who knew? This product comes in sheets that can be cut to any size. It is a water proof silicon carbide material that won’t damage porcelain, plastic, metal, wood or painted surfaces. You can find it in any hardware store… Don’t know about you, but I’m willing to give it a try!


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