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Domestic violence has many victims


October 18, 2017

Domestic Violence Action Month (DVAM) is often a time where communities come together to mourn, honor, and speak out about lives lost due to domestic violence. Domestic Violence (DV) affects all races, cultures, ages, genders and socio-economic classes. Anyone can be a victim, men, women, parents, significant others, roommates, the elderly, children, teens, and even pets. The effects of DV are insidious and could be dangerous.

Domestic Violence isn’t only about physical abuse, it includes name calling, screaming, coercion, making the victim feel like they caused the problem or like they are going crazy (gaslighting is a favorite technique that some abusers use to achieve this response); also using money, friends, pets and children to mentally and emotionally undermine and abuse the victim.

Domestic Violence can also result in death. The statistics for a single year alone, in 2015, show that 44,000 deaths (both homicides and suicides) in the United States were caused through acts of domestic violence. In the past twenty years, the state of Washington reported 1147 deaths and within those statistics, Klickitat County suffered five deaths due to DV. One life lost is one life too many.

This year, Programs for Peaceful Living would like to bring your attention to October Domestic Violence Action Month, instead of being an awareness month. Instead of just being aware that Domestic Violence is a problem, let’s take action, and do something about it. Here are some tips for taking action:

Participate in local events and activities that bring awareness to DV survival Volunteer for your local DV agency during awareness months.

Start the conversation with your young person about what healthy relationships look like.

Learn what Red Flags to be aware of.

Remember that men too, are victims.

Hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Attend your local Domestic Violence Impact Panel when it is held.

Attend your local Coalition for the Prevention of Abuse in Klickitat County (C-PAKC) meetings.

Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about DV and what you have learned about it.

Influence public policy, contact congressmen or women to advocate for laws that improve the safety and justice for survivors of abuse and their children. can connect you to any legislative action alerts.

Remember to keep yourself safe, never intervene in a DV situation, instead, stay calm and alert and call 911.

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center would like to offer everyone an invitation, “to join us as we mark October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month by wearing purple and/or wearing a purple ribbon on Thursday, Oct. 19, to bring awareness to the issue and to those who suffer from abuse by their partners, parents, children or others. Across the country, families and friends of victims have adopted the purple ribbon to remember and honor their loved ones who have survived domestic violence, who are still suffering at the hands of their perpetrators and those that have lost their lives. By wearing purple, we help lift the silence that has fallen on our communities and stand in support of the protection and safety of all survivors of intimate partner abuse everywhere.”

Please visit the Programs for Peaceful Living display at the Goldendale Public Library this month, and don’t hesitate to pay our office a visit and ask for more information. Services are free and confidential. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To speak with an advocate contact Programs for Peaceful Living; in Bingen call (509) 493-2662, in Goldendale call 773-6100, outside of work hours call the 24/7 toll free crisis number: (844) 493-1709.

Remember to wear purple on Thursday, Oct 19 and every Friday in October to show that you are taking action and being a part of the solution.


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