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October 18, 2017

Make the right chioice

Avoid burdening your school district with the self-importance of Mr. Leon and vote instead for Jeri Ruefer-Hore for Wishram School Board.

Mr. Leon has already charmed and snaked his way to the chairmanship of the Klickitat County Republican Party (KCRP). Holding critical responsibilities over your school children is no place for a person of such character, whose history includes a sneaky KCRP coup attempt. He has written multiple nearly libelous letters to the editor against incumbents of his own party just ahead of elections so that his victims couldn't defend themselves and in favor of a registered member of a differing party, in one case. Lastly, his crafty, underhanded manipulation to change the order of a party organization meeting agenda helped secure his own election as party chair.

While her politics may not line up with mine, I am sure Jeri's character (which is infinitely more important in my book), must be superior to Mr. Leon's. This is coming from a formerly active member of the KCRP. Vote your conscience, and don't be charmed or impressed by Mr. Leon's misleading Voter's Pamphlet resume. You should contact each organization he listed to verify his reputation and thus character.


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