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By Max Erikson

Teacher on 88 keys


October 25, 2017

Max Erikson

TEACHING IVORY TICKLING: Olivia Wachter is resuming piano teaching.

After settling into her new homestead in Goldendale, piano teacher Olivia Wachter is now accepting students who are interested in beginning piano lessons.

Wachter moved to the area with her family two years ago from Mount Angel, Oregon. After taking some time off from teaching piano, she is ready to start giving the gift of music back to the community.

"I really enjoy Goldendale; it has been a good experience," Wachter says. "Now that I've gotten to know the community, I feel ready to start giving music lessons again."

Wachter says she specializes in classical and jazz-style piano but will work with students to find the style of music they want to play. She loves working with children, but gives lessons to all ages.

Wachter says her specialty is working with children but is open to anyone who is interested in learning the piano for the first time or coming back to it after years of not playing.

"I work best with beginners and some intermediate level players," Watcher says. "I work really well with children but also enjoy the variety of teaching different ages at different skill levels."

Wachter has been playing piano since she was six years old and says she doesn't have just one teaching style but adjusts her approach to what the student wants to learn and what is the best learning method for each student.

"My teaching style depends on the student," Wachter says. "Each student is different so I try to find the right avenue for the student and what they want to learn or what skill level we can start with."

Part of Wachter's motivation for teaching students is the commitment to helping people succeed and believes that everybody has the ability and talent to play the piano.

"I really enjoy helping people succeed, I think everybody has some talent for music," Wachter says. "I want to reach out to those people who think they can't do music and show them that it is possible."

In her spare time Wachter enjoys raising animals and farming the family land. She is also a decluttering assistant helping people prioritize their belongings and streamline their lives. She is studying graphic design and learning to build websites.

Rates are $12 for a private half-hour lesson, and scheduling is flexible. Wachter says she works with people on the days and times that are best for them and is available during the week but is closed on Saturdays.

To learn more about the piano lessons or to schedule a lesson, call Olivia Wachter at 250-1692.


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