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By Rev. Mary Johnson
Christ the King Lutheran Church 

A 500-year-old reverberation of faith


October 25, 2017

Five hundred years ago this October, Martin Luther, a monk, priest, and university professor nailed a soon-to-be historic document to the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral church in Germany. The church doors were the town bulletin board of the day, and the document was an invitation to students, fellow scholars and clergy, to a debate. To be debated were 95 proposals about church practices listed on the document.

This was not a great act of defiance at the time, but the ideas went on to coincide with other bigger changes beginning all over Europe. They were picked up by a brand new invention called the printing press and spread rapidly across Germany, by way of political pamphlets, opinion pieces and news articles from many sources. And the rest is history.

The result was the Protestant Reformation; a movement begun first by Luther and followers, and later continued all over Europe by other groups with more extensive reforms, eventually dividing Christians into hundreds of different denominations and groups.

A lot of good things came out of the Reformation. But even as we celebrate these, we also acknowledge the wounds that still remain. We open our Bibles and read how fervently Jesus prayed that his followers may be one, and that becomes our prayer too. The followers of Jesus continue to seek and long for unity beyond our many divisions, in areas of faith we all share.

In response, many of the Christian churches in Goldendale participate together in several projects; the Goldendale Christian Fellowship, 5th Sunday Sings, and various community service and relief efforts. We are united in our common mission of sharing Jesus’ love for all people, and reaching out to folks in need.

Starting this month, the member churches of the Goldendale Christian Fellowship begin a series of monthly reflections highlighting our shared commitment to these ideals. Future articles will feature the thoughts and reflections of local church leaders on topics that are relevant to our times. We hope you will find each one a source of faith and inspiration.

The Goldendale Christian Fellowship also invites everyone to the next Fifth Sunday Sing on October 29th, at 6pm at the United Methodist Church. In honor of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, we will be singing hymns related to this historic event and also hear a bit more about the history of the Reformation.


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