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By Max Erikson

GMS names October honors


November 1, 2017


5th grade students of the month

Goldendale Middle School (GMS) honored students of the month for October using the theme of respect.

Showing respect is demonstrated by showing courtesy, accepting the differences of others, anti-bullying stances, and following the golden rule which is treating others the way that you want to be treated.

Fifth grade recipients of the student of the month award were: Tasha Chavz-Thompson, Alexus Enderby, Rebecca Slaughter, Quinton Pool, and Everett Aleck.

Sixth grade: Jacob Shattuck, Taryn Rising, Brooke Blaine, Latisha Roberts, Joseph Wadsack, Holly Huwe, Faith Potts, and Hayden Slaughter.

Seventh grade: Brayden Kenny, Ramiro Armenta, Jessica Shelton, and Katrina Mason

Eighth grade: Preston Briseno, Dimera Shea-Borgman, Faith Bartkowski, Kennedy Berry, Justin Ward, and Sam McCandless.

November and December will be combined for the next student of the month awards with the theme focusing on friendship and generosity.


6th grade students of the month

Students will be selected based on compassion, kindness, and charity.

Goldendale Middle School also recently had its first pep rally in years.

The Leadership class organized the rally and taught GMS students three Timberwolf cheers and the band played the fight song.

The hope of the Leadership class is to promote Timberwolf pride and encourage the GMS student body to show school spirit.


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