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Auscrete points to Goldendale as flagship


November 22, 2017

Auscrete Corporation (known by its stock name ASCK) says its stock activity and price has seen a significant spike since it announced plans to open facilities in Goldendale.

In a stock report issued Nov. 16, ASCK says its management believes the uptick is attributable to demands for its products in the wake of natural disasters and its forecast ability to move products quickly from Goldendale.

“In the recent months, due to the devastation brought on through such disasters as hurricanes in the south and fires in California, ASCK has seen a dramatic spike in interest of their Hybrid Encapsulated Insulated, Thermally Efficient, Specialty Concrete Homes that Won’t Burn and are unaffected by Being Underwater in those types of areas,” the report states.

“The fact that these affordable homes can be standing in just days, rather than many months, also has severely added increased interest in light of the tremendous loss of available living space. There have been many inquiries regarding ASCK being a contender for contracts for replacing many of these homes. Interest is from Construction Companies, Developers and Home-owners alike. ASCK has been reluctant to discuss this need openly, due to the pain and suffering these disasters have created. But due to the recent stock activity, it needed to be released and addressed.”

The report then bottom-lines the scenario: “Right now, there are estimates of 9,000 homes destroyed in California alone,” it stated. “Should ASCK garner just 5 percent, that would be to build 450 homes in California. Combine that with 100 homes already projected for the Pacific Northwest, from the same facility in Goldendale, that totals approximately 550 homes over a two-year period of production. These numbers translate into 550 homes, at an average conservative turnkey price of $150,000, produces revenues of $82.5 million over two years. With a net income of around 25 percent, this would potentially produce $20.5 million, or about $10.25 million per year.”

The report then mentions it was add two extra production buildings at the Goldendale plant, currently slated to commence production in February and “with the ability to deliver Auscrete’s building products to sites over 1,000 miles away. The new facility could effectively produce 350 homes per year. The company believes that 2018 looks to be both very exciting and rewarding for all of those involved with ASCK.”

Auscrete is a building materials manufacturing company and constructor of green energy-efficient housing and commercial structures built from Auscrete developed lightweight hybrid concrete/insulation wall and roof panels. “Structures built of this medium have very low maintenance needs and, being concrete, are highly resistant to insects and mold,” the report states. “They have considerable mass and are highly resistant to hurricane forces and earth tremors. They will not catch fire and burn. Auscrete is planning to establish their flagship facility in Goldendale.”


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