By Max Erikson

Centerville School, Republic Services combine to tackle recycling


December 6, 2017


PERSONALIZED RECYCLING: kids at the Centerville School received special reusable bottle from the Republic Services Recently, along with a presentation from Republic's Travis Gray (right) about the benefits of recycling

Republic Services and the Centerville School have partnered together to bring awareness to responsible disposable waste practices with a presentation at the school last month by Republic representatives.

As a token of their commitment to the environment, Republic donated reusable water bottles to every student at Centerville school.

"As a school, we were producing quite a bit of waste each week with our plastic water bottles," Kristen Cameron, superintendent of Centerville School, says. "Up to 700 bottles a week were being tossed in the trash."

Travis Gray, an environmental technician for Republic, gave the presentation about the overall work Republic does at the landfill in Roosevelt and talked about the waste that Centerville School was depositing into the landfill.

Gray specifically spoke about the use of plastic water bottles and the impact those water bottles are having on the environment. He also talked about the need for our communities to reduce their carbon footprint to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment.

Students had an opportunity to ask questions about Republic, and many students were familiar with Republic Services through relatives and family friends who work there.

"It is so great that we have this partnership with Republic," Cameron says. "And the teachers love the new water bottles. We often joke about how annoying the crinkling plastic water bottles can sound."

Kids will have their own personal water bottle with their name on it, and the bottles will be washed once a week to keep them sanitary. By switching to the Republic reusable water bottles Centerville School will now significantly reduce the waste going into the landfill.

"Our hope is that the bottles will last the whole year," Cameron says. "And hopefully Republic will do it again next year with new ones."


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