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Klickwood teams continue to have great support


January 3, 2018

Happy 2018 to all our readers. We hope you had a fun and joyous Christmas and that 2018 brings all good things to you.

Two Towns, Two Schools, One Team. That’s the motto that drives the success of the Klickitat and Glenwood high school sports combine. Several years ago, Glenwood found itself too small to field teams for basketball and volleyball, so joined the Trout Lake teams. When Trout Lake decided they no longer wanted to accept Glenwood athletes on their teams, our small school struggled to field teams. Luckily for girls’ volleyball, the Klickitat coach, Jaecee Hoctor, lives and works in Glenwood. The girls were invited to play on the Klickitat girls’ team and the team went on to the state tournament that first year.

Basketball was less successful the first couple years after the Trout Lake decision. The boys’ varsity team needed to have some girls on the team to have enough players. When one player broke his arm early in the season, that left just one person on the bench. The numbers were similar the second year. When Klickitat invited the Glenwood basketball teams to join theirs, the Glenwood players were able to experience much more positive seasons.

In the summer of 2017, both schools formed committees to work together to form an agreement for a true, equal sports combine. Public meetings were held to gather input to assist in formulating the final working combine agreement. The teams would evenly divide practice days between the two towns, the two schools would take turns driving the team bus to away games, and the two schools would equally share in all the costs, including coaches’ salaries. The teams that emerged from this sports combine have adopted the name Klickwood, to adequately represent the true “one team” spirit.

Now that the first volleyball season in the new combine is over and the teams are well into their basketball season, we did an informal survey of some of the players, parents, and coaches, to get their views on how the sports combine has fared thus far. Based on the enthusiasm we have witnessed among the athletes and parents, it was no surprise that the support for the combine was very great. One player worried at the beginning of volleyball season that she would get home late from practices in Klickitat and fall behind in her homework. To her surprise, the return times were quite reasonable, leaving plenty of time for homework and family in the evenings. Changing practice locations on a two-week schedule was a big plus. She also reports that she has made many new friends and all the athletes get along very well. She adds that she knows that, without the combine, she likely wouldn’t be playing on a girls’ basketball team this season. The combine creates enough numbers of players for all the teams.

A mother who has had two children compete within the combine feels her children have had only positive experiences. All the athletes are treated fairly by the coaches and administration. Those who are not “all-star” ability players get the same amount of attention from coaches as those with greater skills. She reports that both of her children, as well as she herself, have formed lifelong friendships with Klickitat athletes and parents. She believes the Klickitat parents are just like the Glenwood parents, wanting the best opportunities for their children. They come out to support their children, and all the parents together are one big family at the games. Both towns realize they each need the other to have bigger, stronger teams than they could be alone.

Another mother was very effusive in her praise for the combine. She, too, was surprised that the practice schedule has worked so smoothly. She would like to give a shout out to Adam McFall for all the hours he devotes as girls’ basketball coach and to Toni Troh for her willingness to drive the Glenwood girls when the practices are in Klickitat. She says, “We love our basketball family.”

We also heard from a team parent who is involved in the athletics director/administration side of things as well as having girls on the teams. She expressed the same sentiments as the other mothers. The players love being part of the combine and the parents are all very supportive. She noted that, on the recent, very late-night return from the Helix tournament, some of the Klickitat parents texted her to check on the safe arrival home of the Glenwood team bus, demonstrating true “sports family” spirit.

Now it’s our turn to get out and support Klickwood teams. The teams will play Yakama Tribal in Glenwood Friday, Jan. 5. The JV boys’ game starts at 4:30 p.m., followed by girls’ varsity and boys’ varsity games. On Saturday, the 6th, Klickwood travels to Trout Lake, with the first game start time of 3 p.m. The Glenwood and Klickitat athletes and parents have worked hard to make this a very successful combine. Let’s get out there and cheer for these kids and show our support for all the time and effort they have put into their sports seasons.

We would like to wish Madi Couch well as she undergoes surgery for a torn ACL. It was with great dismay that we learned Madi’s senior year of basketball was cut short by this serious injury. Nevertheless, she has continued to attend team practices and sit with her team at games to demonstrate the depth of her commitment to her Klickwood team.

Hazel Parsons, who turned 90 on Dec. 30, was honored with another birthday party on that day. The party, planned and hosted by her children, took place at the Bingen Eagles hall. The Simcoe Boys provided good music for dancing and Hazel was surrounded by many friends and family for an evening of great fun.

January has been designated School Board Recognition Month by Governor Jay Inslee. We are fortunate to have dedicated community members who devote their time to ensuring our school district is the best it can be. If you see Dave Wasgatt, Leeann Burgin, Carla Dillenburg, Jake Eldred, and Travis Miller out and about, please take time to thank them for their service to our students.

Adventure Club resumes this week at the church, Wednesdays after school. Meeting time is 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on school half days. In those cases, the time will be 12:15 pm. to 1:45 p.m.


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