By Lou Marzeles

An institution that has been and still will be


January 3, 2018

Another year rolls up on the chronological odometer we call the calendar.

Measured on that device, The Goldendale Sentinel is older than anyone alive today—139 years now, possibly older if anyone can ever decipher its murkier origin points. While there are some who still predict the inevitable demise of print media, their voices are fewer and far less heeded than in previous decades, back when everyone thought anything that wasn’t digital was going to perish imminently. The very real likelihood is that The Sentinel will be around for a good while yet, quite likely longer than I will, and that’s with my plan to die by being struck by a meteorite while climbing Mt. Adams when I’m 114. (It’s in my astrological chart—not that I take astrology seriously, since I’m a Scorpio and we’re very skeptical.)

Ruminations such as these lead me to return to a fundamental appreciation about this newspaper: it’s not mine. It was here before I got here, and it’ll be here after I’m gone. It belongs to Goldendale, to Klickitat County, to the hearths and homes that make this area so remarkable. In the riptides that sometimes constitute life, that simple truth needs to be freshly understood.

So in 2018 we’re going to take a new look at how we can be more of service to this community. We’ll announce a public meeting soon to which all will be invited specifically to give us feedback and suggestions on how we can best accomplish this goal. We want to know what we’ve done that you like and what you think we can do better. We want ideas on possible new services we can provide and/or what kinds of things we used to have that you’d like to see back in our pages.

We enter the year greatly encouraged—the support we’ve had in the face of needing to raise our newsstand price has been just incredible. No one likes paying more for something they used to get for less, but our readers have been wonderfully understanding. We’ve received exactly two complaints about the price increase, both of which were substantially mollified once we explained our situation more fully. The supportive comments have been in the dozens. One incredibly kind reader came in to renew her subscription in December and offered to pay for it at the January price because she wanted to help!

Nonetheless we want to leave nothing taken for granted. We want to renew our membership in the Cattlemen’s Association and give that distinguished organization more attention. We want to highlight county offices and the good work they do. We want to give new businesses good exposure and help them gain traction when we can. We’d like to showcase more students of the month and year, do the same for outstanding citizens doing noteworthy endeavors.

We’re out to make 2018 a great year for working together and making a difference. It’s an honor to be of service, and we want to be ever more service minded.


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