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By Guest Editorial Jim Walter
Praise Barn, member of Goldendale Christian Fellowship 

Let us bloom where we are planted in this new year


January 17, 2018

What meaning does a new year have for us? Resolutions to improve our life? A change in lifestyle? Where has our life been in 2017? What shall we do about 2018? Perhaps new beginnings are in order. Are we ready to make new commitments, or perhaps change commitments we already have?

We enjoy looking to spring and the bright wonderful colors that come shooting out of the ground. Where does all of that color and new life spring from? As last year’s plants withered and died, a loving God made provision for the new year in the seeds they produced. Those seeds are “ cast” upon the ground, and in due time they sprout and send up new life. The good husbandman takes care to place his seeds in the good ground, where they may be nurtured and grow.

Inevitably, some seeds fall on shallow or stony soil, like the wildflowers sown by the wind on the hills and roadsides around us. They follow their God-given directive to bloom where they are planted and create many of our most beautiful landscapes.

So here we are, entering another new year, with all of its joys and pitfalls. What a great opportunity to bloom where we are planted! “ He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” These words from II Corinthians 9:6 admonish us to share from what we have, whether it is great riches, or simple cheerfulness. Let us cast a bright light wherever we go. We might share a skill with a younger person, for in newfound skills we leant to prosper and grow. Shovel a walk. Help with planting spring flowerbeds. Share the Love of God through your life actions and conversation. Grow. Bloom. Love.


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