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January 17, 2018

Recognize the school board

By proclamation of the governor, January is School Board Recognition Month. It’s a great time to recognize our elected community members who selflessly give their time and energy in support of high-quality public schooling for our youth. School board members in the Goldendale School District are entrusted by this community with responsibility for an annual budget of $13 million, 969 students, 148 employees and three schools.

School boards are charged with making decisions that can sometimes be quite difficult, or require sifting through a great deal of information. They also bear responsibility for developing a vision that will guide the school district for years to come. Through collaboration as a team, and with school district staff, their governance and advocacy are building the future of education in Washington state.

This January, we’re encouraging all members of the community to thank a board member. Please thank them for volunteering their time and playing a critical civic role that helps form the bedrock of our democracy— public education. As a crucial bridge between the local community and the school district, their efforts are instrumental in helping all of us realize the hopes and dreams we have for the children of our community.

The men and women serving the Goldendale School District are John Hoctor, Deborah Heart, Beth Schroder, Betty Richards and Darren Hoffman.

Mark Heid, Superintendent

Goldendale School District No. 404

Local makes a difference

I have been a three-year resident of Klickitat County, living off of the Glenwood Highway. For family reasons, have kept my previous farm home in Ridgefield, Washington. I have never regretted the move and enjoy the community and lifestyle the area offers.

Yesterday I had an issue develop that really makes me appreciate “home town service.” My renter in Ridgefield, Washington, located eight miles from the propane distributor, needed to refill a propane tank for both cooking and heat. She is inexperienced and had let the tank run dry. She called my former supplier, Northern Energy, and was quoted a price of $2.29 a gallon with no fees. Not having done this before she asked me if that were reasonable, and I said yes. She asked for a courtesy call to ensure she would be there for delivery, as she works and went to work when she did not receive the promised call. She came home to find the propane delivered, the tank locked—and a $50 charge posted for future inspection that had to be paid prior to unlocking the tank. She called the company to see about waiving the fee, with unknown results at the time of this writing.

There is a second tank on the farm that I had filled which was not empty, and I authorized a fill. So I called the company to clarify the account and the price and was told it would be $4.79 a gallon. I was flabbergasted. Then I called Zane Kern from Kern Propane, who fills our tank here, to see if they had experienced comparable price increases, and he apologized, saying theirs had gone up to $2.25 a gallon including delivery but not taxes, up from $1.90 a year ago. I have invoices confirming both prices. I asked Zane why his prices were well under half and he said, “That’s the difference between a local distributor and a regional distributer, and also as a customer you have to watch out for the hidden fees.”

I think Zane’s practices should be recognized and applauded. I’m certainly appreciative, although I will pay my other bill. What is tragic is that many elderly and individuals on fixed income rely on propane to cook as well as for heat. We all know the consequences of that!

Oh, and Northern Energy did tell me the prices would go down in the spring or summer. Gee. Probably not to Kern’s price.

So thanks Zane, I appreciate your service and the information you gave me.

Norma Furlong


Agenda is more important than democracy

I have contacted the Speaker of the House four or five times over the past year and asked the same question: “What are you and your party doing to protect our country and our democracy from Donald Trump?” The Speaker has responded each time by listing the GOP agenda, not addressing the issue of the most dangerous president in our history.

Apparently the GOP agenda is more important than our democracy.

It is 2018. People will remember how the GOP has put our country at risk by supporting the worst president in our history, who is not only incompetent but quite possibly a traitor.

Linda Bitter

White Salmon


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