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February 14, 2018

Can we keep it civil?

It is no surprise that our two major political parties are at odds; they operate from two opposite platforms.

Simply put, the Republican Party believes in individual freedoms, rights, and responsibilities and that the federal government should not play a big role in people’s lives. The Democratic Party believes in equality, social/community responsibility, and that the federal government should take an active role in people’s lives. Under these two diverse philosophies, therefore, lies the current split we are witnessing in our country and county.

What is alarming to me is the lack of respect and civility in how people are promoting their political ideals/philosophies. Frankly, it is not a matter of “who” is right or wrong, but it is a matter of maintaining our freedom to participate in civil and national governmental policy debate without fear of personal attacks or labeling. The saying that “all is fair in politics” or “the end justifies the means” is not ethical and should not be a part of how we conduct ourselves in Klickitat County.

We are made up of small town and rural communities. We share our lives through our children’s activities, local happenings, church, and many other events. We appreciate the volunteers who help with the many services we need, which are not wholly funded by government. We are all neighbors deserving courtesy, respect, and civility, in spite of any differences. Let’s keep politics where it belongs, in a civil debate on policy.

Susan Kelsey

Vice-chair KCRP

He's a Godsend

I am writing this letter regarding my meeting with Klickitat County Veteran Service Officer, William Smith on Feb. 7.

I went in to see Mr. Smith about some problems I have been having with the VA Medical. The existence of a veteran service officer in this county is a Godsend to me. For the first time since my discharge someone is concerned with my medical needs as a veteran.

I am sure there are people like me who spend their entire lives not getting proper care simply because they do not know how and have no-one to fight for them.

Darrell D. Simmons


Set aside minor conflicts

As members of Christ the King Lutheran Church, we have joy over the fact that our church has followed Jesus’ command that we feed the hungry. Christ the King Lutheran followed this command by opening up our facility and vigorously supporting the Goldendale Food Bank for the last thirty years. As Jesus said in Matthew 25:35: “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

Now that Washington Gorge Action Programs (WGAP) has taken over this service for the community, we look forward with anticipation to providing ministries in new areas. It is our great hope that the community will support WGAP to ensure that the hungry will continue to receive their needed food.

Thank you, Goldendale, for supporting the Food Bank. Don’t let minor personality conflicts prevent you from supporting the Food Bank, whoever runs it. Many people have need for food. And as Christians, we pray that you continue to help the poor and needy.

Love each other, this is what Jesus asks us to do.

Mark Naulty and Judi Cyrus

Keeping to the point

In a Jan. 24 letter to the editor, the writer admittedly violated his own creed of keeping national out of local politics by parroting Democrat anti-Trump talking points. He specifically says Trump’s recent alleged foul language was the proverbial last straw for him; then he says that he couldn’t care less about a president using curse words. Which is it? With copious bravado, he claims he will be asking elected officials to publicly condemn Trump’s alleged racism and sexism.

My Jan. 31 letter elucidates the clear hypocrisy on both counts using examples of Democrat leaders being vulgar, and sexist. The well-known Bill Clinton crimes and lurid behaviors as well as those of his enabling wife could have been included as more examples, as could the racist Democrats who blocked civil rights leading up to the Civil Rights act of 1964. Notwithstanding, local, state, and national Democrat leaders want it both ways. They want to decry alleged vulgarity, racism, and sexism when it suits their purpose as a weapon in their anti-Trump crusade, but will not clean up their won house save a few who have been recently ordered to fall on their sword. This local leader said he would rather talk about policies. I did just that with Trumps recent legislative and economic victories, yet I somehow “missed the point”? Please send us one of your Democrat doublespeak decoder rings so we may all be enlightened!

No, I think I got the point exactly. That point is glaring hypocrisy and a rudderless, amoral Democrat Party’s ship of fools.

Steve Kenny



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