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Have you ever been made an offer you can’t refuse? The Mafia? No, I mean the proposed change in the City of Goldendale’s solid waste collection, chapter 8.04 solid waste, is such an offer. This proposal would make garbage collection and re-cycling mandatory—forced—in the city. The city wants to force you to accept the garbage collection methods they declare as proper, offering containers that will be placed on your property that you will be responsible for replacing if stolen or damaged, and will be charged to your monthly water and sewer bill, even if you don’t use it or want it. Want to haul your own garbage because you re-cycle and compost? You will still be billed. Fail to pay the fee and you will become delinquent, and your credit will suffer. You will place the containers where they say to put them. Got two kitchens in your house? Expect to pay double. We don’t know what the fees will be as this is still in the draft stages.

I personally have hauled my own garbage for a decade and saved a ton of money. When I was buying the service from the garbage collection services, I didn’t like getting the bill, so I changed my mode of living, worked a little more intelligently, and improved my life with good, clean habits, becoming aware of my actions. I thought I was the perfect citizen for being frugal and environmentally correct. Now the city wants to bill me for activity I was doing voluntarily. I would just ask the city to allow exemptions to people like myself who can and will take responsibility for their life without heavy-handed threats from city hall.

At this stage there is still time to get involved in the drafting of the changes whether you are pro or con. The committee needs and wants public input, so if you feel so inclined, come join in the debate.

Ken McKune


Recently there has been a lot of discussion about a group in White Salmon area that is focused on electing women to public offices.

I would suggest that we already have a group this is very successful at getting women (and men) elected to public office. This group has been in existence in Klickitat County since 1952—it is called the Klickitat County Republican Women’s Club. The club meets once a month. Some examples of Republican Women are U.S. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, our District 14 Representative Gina McCabe, our Klickitat County Assessor Crista Schroder, Clerk Renea Campbell, and Auditor Brenda Sorensen. We work hard and plan on continuing the good work of placing women in elected office.

Kathy Moco



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