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Back to normal

I would like to extend a very belated thank you to the City, and especially Ken Bostick, for the assistance given last summer in cleaning up the property next door to me. It is so nice this summer to look over there and not see a lot of junker vehicles and garbage. Although it took a couple months, I realize there are rules the City has to follow prior to having a tenant evicted. As soon as certain tenants moved out, the foot traffic on our street went back to what it had been before they moved in. I am no longer afraid to hang clothes on the line in my back yard without locking my door. So thank you again!

Kitt Tallman


Listen carefully

National Stuttering Awareness Week began May 7, 2018. Did you know more than three million Americans stutter? That’s more than the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, and Washington, D.C.—combined.

One percent of your readers stutter, and up to five percent of children stutter for a time during their early developmental years.

In the spirit of spreading awareness, the most important thing you and your readers can do for someone who stutters—or for anyone you are speaking with—is listen. Listen to what they have to say rather than how they say it.

For more information, visit:

Jane Fraser



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