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Please Return

On my one-mile walk of my dogs on Friday, somewhere from my house to downtown and return home, my backpack fell off my wheelchair. It contained my wallet, gas cards, credit cards, insurance cards, my Police retirement credentials including my retirement badge, keys, leatherman, and other items. My entire life was in the backpack. It was black and light teal in color. I would really appreciate if whoever found it would return it for a reward if necessary. Thank you in advance for your help in this issue. Some stuff I just can’t replace. 773-5664.

Mark Sigfrinius


Irresponsible Words

I’m writing in response to Steve Kenney’s letter published in the June 20 issue of the Sentinel. I sometimes read his letters, though I rarely agree with his opinions. He seems articulate, but I truly question his sources.

Journalism is a difficult field, requiring years of study and long arduous hours of work. True journalists care about getting factual information to the public. It seems that Mr. Kenney is relying on questionable sources, particularly if he is reading the President’s Tweets or watching Trump’s favorite channel, (Fox). Most ethical journalists would rate Fox and other sources such as Breitbart as part of a propaganda network that furthers Trump’s agenda. The evidence is strong, (16 indictments, two guilty pleas by those close to the president), and I think that we can all agree that the Russians attacked our electoral process. These attacks against Hillary and other public servants who are just doing their jobs is a distraction from the real investigation at hand. Talking about “…the Elites …fleecing us peons” is hilarious, considering the president and his cabinet members’ frivolous taxpayer spending.

Finally, to end his letter with: “Get ready to light the torches and grab the pitchforks” is the most socially irresponsible thing he wrote. This sort of rhetoric has given rise to neo-Nazis and their torch parades and mass shootings. Yesterday we saw the senseless murder of five journalists in Annapolis, Maryland (the 154th mass shooting on the 180th day of the 2018 calendar).

Shame on you!

Gretchen Olsen


Key Questions

Where are the answers to these questions?

1. When did the fabric of America begin to unravel?

2. When did America lose its moral compass?

3. Who is holding the sobbing children who are crying themselves to sleep every night wanting their moms and dads?

4. What plans have been made to collect the thousands of children who have been tossed to the wind back with their families?

5. Who is reuniting brothers and sisters who have been separated?

6. What will become of the children whose families can be located?

7. What might trigger a memory with an adverse reaction? Could it be a person in a uniform, a chain link fence, a click, a smell, a word, any of the untold memories the children have collected in their young minds that could trigger a memory?

8. Who is going to care for the PTSD and separation and trust issues that the children have suffered from the separation of their siblings and parents?

Barb Robinson



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