About The Goldendale Sentinel

Established in 1879, The Goldendale Sentinel is the official newspaper of Goldendale, Washington and surrounding communities in Klickitat County.

The Goldendale Sentinel is in its 139th year of publication. Located in the heart of downtown Goldendale, The Sentinel office is housed in one of Goldendale’s historic buildings.

Distributed to more than 3,200 homes, The Sentinel keeps residents and visitors up to date on local-area news and events.

A little history about The Goldendale Sentinel

Just like eastern Klickitat County, The Sentinel’s history is one of hardships, changes, and successes.

The paper has survived through relatively few ownerships. While the founding of the newspaper is a bit clouded, it is generally observed that The Sentinel found its beginnings in 1879 and was born from the mergers of at least two nameplates, The Goldendale Gazette and The Klickitat Sentinel.

It’s well worth the mentioning that communities in Klickitat County had, at one time, a newspaper owing to the idea that all you needed were sheets of paper and an ample inventory of Linotype lead to melt and fold into type—more than just a little reminiscent of today’s online newspapers and Craigslist. The Goldendale Sentinel survived this onslaught of competitors, and Klickitat County’s largest newspaper will survive within the confines of this electronic age with, of course, the continued support of subscribers, readers, and advertisers.

The Sentinel’s owners have been:

Year startedOwnerLength of Ownership
1878C.K and K.A. Seitz7 Years
1885R.O. Dunbar14 Years
1899Wm. F. Byars9 Years
1908E.C. and N.L. Ward2 Years
1910Irving S. Bath26 Years
1936Harold Fariello & Archie Radcliffe20 Years
1956Pete May18 Years
1974Hood River News, Inc. & Eagle Newspapers, Inc.10 Years
1984A.J. and Lynda McNab26 Years
2010Lou Marzeles & Leslie GeatchesCurrent

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