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Is the hospital bond really worth the extra cost to us?

Regarding the upcoming vote on the proposed KVH hospital expansion: As property owners and payers of property taxes, we are carefully considering the cost and benefits of an expanded, upgraded KVH hos...

 By Cheri Harris    Opinion    April 5, 2017

No place for pot

The Bible says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people”—Proverbs 14:34. This truth applies not only to nations and states, but to individuals, families, and local... Full story

 By Cheri Harris    Opinion    June 29, 2016

Take some responsibility

To the Editor: I read with interest the letters to the editor on June 8 and 15 regarding the shabby condition of Goldendale. While I agree that the city is responsible for the upkeep of city-owned...


Drug sellers, users aren't welcome

To the Editor: We commend the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office and Goldendale Police Department for their action against illegal drugs, and we support the posting of Sheriff Songer’s warning...


If we'd only known

To the Editor: I was very disappointed to read last week that Big River Art and Crafts is closing due to insufficient volunteer staffing. The newest rendition of Goldendale’s art gallery was truly...


Spend a little more, save a lot more

To the Editor: I am encouraged by the direction the Chamber of Commerce is heading and the plans being implemented to strengthen existing local businesses, to foster new local business start-ups, and...


Good for you, mayor

To the Editor: Mayor Cannon is to be commended for consulting the city council on the beer and wine license application for Trunk-Or-Treat. This indeed is a sensitive issue in our community. The...


Let's not be defeated by defeatism

To the Editor: My husband and I moved to Goldendale nearly three years ago. It was obvious this small community had problems and had seen better days, but I saw a great deal of potential here then,...


A serious matter

To the Editor: Mayor Baze has stated repeatedly that city council members and citizens should have known many months ago about the pot shop. He said there were presentations before the city council,...


What's our legacy?

To the Editor: As we consider the ramifications of a recreational marijuana store in Goldendale, an important question to ponder and answer is this: “What kind of city do we want to become?” Or, b... Full story


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