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 By Diane Jessup    News    August 21, 2019 

Animal Companion: A closer look at some dog breeds

There is nothing finer than a dog companion that fits into the home like a pair of hand-made Italian shoes. And, there can be nothing more aggravating...

 By Diane Jessup    News    August 14, 2019

Companion Animal Fake service dogs

Dogs almost always bring out the very best in people; it's wonderful how faces light up when one enters a room. But lately a growing number of dog own...


Animal Companion Algae

Summer brings good times for people and their dogs, but a little-known hazard can bring unexpected tragedy. It did for a Washington state woman who...

 By Diane Jessup    News    July 24, 2019

Companion Animal Article

Most folks are smart enough to leave their dog at home when the weather makes their being left in the car, even for a few minutes, a danger. Some...


Companion Animal Symptoms of Common Cat Issues

Cats have their fans, just like dogs, but all in all, whether you are a cat fan or not, you must admit that cats are more enigmatic and harder to...

 By Diane Jessup    News    July 10, 2019

Companion Animal: It's in the genes

"It's all how you raise them!" If you own an American pit bull, German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman or any other breed labeled "aggressive" by the...

 By Diane Jessup    News    July 3, 2019

Animal Companion: Microchips

I spent 20 years working in a large animal shelter, a great deal of that time in “receiving,” where animals that have strayed and previously owned animals no longer wanted are turned in....

 By Diane Jessup    Community    May 29, 2019

Animal Companions

Ah, summer! Fun in the sun—and in the water. If your dog(s) join you in outdoor activities please take a moment to read about two local, potentially deadly threats to your dog friends. The first is...

 By Diane Jessup    News    May 15, 2019

Companion Animals

Have you ever thought of owning an "exotic" pet? Back in the day, when I was a kid, it was relatively easy to buy anything from a lion cub to an...


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