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 By Eric Olsen    Opinion    July 27, 2016

The signs don't work

The “go to jail” if you use drugs signs posted by Sheriff Songer leave a horrible first impression to anyone visiting, thinking of moving to the county, or someone wanting to start a business...


Stop the Christian sanctuary

To the Editor: Apparently, the most important issue facing government officials in Klickitat County is the opening of legally sanctioned marijuana businesses in their areas of jurisdiction. It seems t...

 By Eric Olsen    Opinion    October 30, 2013

Don't let scare tactics scare you

To the Editor: Help, I'm being bombarded by Monsanto! I know I-522 isn't perfect, but the scare tactics about the measure are ridiculous and alarming. The bottom line with me is that I believe I have...

 By Eric Olsen    Opinion    October 31, 2012

No magic wand here

To The Editor: Anita Hoosen’s letter “Dad Was Right” in last week’s Goldendale Sentinel was a very naive interpretation of how the economy functions and the powers of the president. She...

 By Eric Olsen    Opinion    May 2, 2012

Election a time to remember issues

To the Editor: For many years now, as a taxpayer in Klickitat County, I have had problems with the way our county commissioners conduct business and the value they put on their work. They have...

 By Eric Olsen    Opinion    August 17, 2011

Get the right information

To The Editor: Personally, I’m disgusted with the volume of misinformation that’s being put forward during the debt/budget debates in Washington. Perhaps a little clarification is in order. First...


National debt needs more accurate comparison

To the Editor: The Gorge News report about the Tea Party rally quotes guest speaker Lars Larson as saying that President Obama has increased the national debt by $2.5 trillion in 19 months and...


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