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Articles written by Guest Editorial Michael Block

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"All we have to fear" is still a timely message

It was the days of the great depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been elected president, in the midst of America’s struggles which were affecting everyone in the country. In his first inaugura...


A personal reflection on the meaning of Easter

It is my task as a member of the Goldendale Christian Fellowship to write our editorial for April. As a Christian Minister writing or speaking in April, it is almost always a given that we talk about...


Two men opposed on answer to fundamental questions

During this past year, two men who highly influenced the world in which we all live died: Billy Graham and Stephen Hawking. Both men attempted to answer the big questions in life and came to opposite...


A Celebration of Motherhood in scripture and in life

When I was a boy, research was accomplished by looking in an encyclopedia. So, to learn about Mother’s Day we would look it up. In our house, Encyclopedia Britannica was the option. Here is what I...


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