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 By Judy Halone    Opinion    March 7, 2012

Light comes in different styles, different smiles of people

Little lights can be a big help. I learned this yesterday while waiting in line at the store and noticed a cashier in need of assistance. He turned on a flashing light above his register and spoke...


Valentine’s means love for everybody

If you ever get the chance to talk with Anne Crandall about Valentine’s Day, she’ll probably describe it like this: “It’s a universal day of love and sharing. And goodwill.” That’s what ca...


Back doors remind me of good friends

When I think of home, I think of two doors: the front and the back. I like the back door best. Front doors remind me of solicitors. Back doors remind me of friends. The back door carries a sort of...


We see you: thank you to veterans of all eras and places

Dear Veterans, I see you. I see you pumping gas at the gas station in the pouring rain, your head protected by a cap embroidered with “World War II.” I see you tenderly holding the elbow of your...

 By Judy Halone    Opinion    October 5, 2011

The simple joys of country living can live again

I love the country and the simple joys it brings. Like the smell of freshly cut field grass baled for hay on hot, mid-August mornings. The lonely cries of coyotes echoing somewhere off in the distance...

 By Judy Halone    Humor    August 17, 2011

No belly achin’ allowed back in those days

I’d like to introduce you to Frank and Mary Mikesh, who made one heck of a team. That’s the word from their granddaughter, Darcy Krusinski. Their emigration from Brno, Czechoslovakia, to the Land...


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