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 By Lou Marzeles    News    March 11, 2020

Schroder coronated as Rodeo Queen

Natalie Schroder reigns as this year's Klickitat County Rodeo Queen, and she seems a natural for the job. And Quincy, her 21-year-old horse, helped a...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    March 11, 2020

County, city , hospitals make preparations for coronavirus

A hastily called meeting of Klickitat County health officials last Friday focused on local prevention of the coronavirus. The primary message: if...

 By Lou Marzeles    Opinion    March 4, 2020

Integrity Literacy 2: The trouble with normal

Last time I wrote about Integrity Literacy and morality. Here, I discuss normality. The trouble with normal is, it always gets worse. That was the lam...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    February 26, 2020

Levy passage signals new hope for district

Standing outside the office of the Goldendale School District superintendent, there was music in the air, and it was easy to let imagination say it...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    February 19, 2020

New Drama club director looks to inspire kids and community

It's 1935. You see a tilted camera angle shot, presaging Hitchcock's more developed screen style that would unfold over the next decades. Then...


An introduction to Integrity Literacy

Over the years this community has heard talk of a performing arts center coming to Goldendale. If you’ve heard that talk, you’ve likely also...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    February 5, 2020

New doctor, familiar face

He's the hometown guy with the golden touch, physiologically speaking. Dr. Mason Chambers, who grew up near Blockhouse and whose family has deep...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    January 29, 2020

First cop to challenge 1639 runs for governor

There are times when being first to do something can transport you from small-town obscurity to international renown. It helps when what you're the...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    January 22, 2020

Browning Fire Extinguishers

First there was Bob Browning, who started the Browning Fire Extinguisher company in Goldendale in the 1980s. Then came Dan Chapman, who ran it for...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    January 15, 2020

Drive that idle RV over to SMR

Dang. Trips are over for a while, but now where to put that hulking RV? Not too far but secure and off the property because there's no room for it...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    January 8, 2020


Here's a bit of history you probably didn't know: Goldendale was bombed by the Japanese during World War II. It didn't come from planes, and there...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    December 11, 2019

Childcare needs more funds, agency says

A few weeks ago in Goldendale, a group of people met to talk about the crisis in childcare in the area and throughout the state and country. It’s a...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    November 20, 2019

Thompson has a 'homecoming'

Neal Thompson's striking photograph of Stonehenge was chosen as the cover picture for The Goldendale Sentinel's 2020 Calendar. But for a great many...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    November 20, 2019

Farm store reopens under new owner

The Goldendale Home and Farm Store was looking like history. Mid-Columbia Producers (MCP) was closing up shop. But almost as soon as it did, along...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    November 13, 2019

Mystery in the sky?

Look! Up in the sky! It's a chemtrail! It's a contrail! No, it's- Who knows? Ask one person, it's one. Ask another person, it's the other. And that's...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    November 6, 2019

Christmas Store sets up shop

For a good many residents of Goldendale, the best place to get children's gifts for Christmas this year will be the Christmas Store. "It's designed...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 30, 2019

Gorge radio stations hit with ransomware

Some radio stations in the Gorge have been crippled by a ransomware attack last Tuesday. Bicoastal, a group of radio stations licensed in The Dalles,...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 30, 2019

Columbia Bank has new manager

Diane Boles' office at Columbia Bank in Goldendale already feels cozy, even though a large picture leans against a wall still awaiting a place to...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 23, 2019

Noah reaches for the stars

Noah Messenger saw his wishing star and made a wish. Now he's waiting to see if it comes true. The Goldendale youth was 18 when his footing slipped... Full story

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 16, 2019

Seattle magazine: Goldendale man built flying machine in 1895

A columnist for Seattle magazine says a man in Goldendale built and tested an "airship" in 1895. Knute Berger writes in the October issue of the...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 16, 2019

GSD's new education team on the job

Dr. Ellen Perconti and Jennifer Tenney are already moving to bring a fresh stability to the Goldendale School District. Perconti is the new...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 16, 2019

Letter confusing residents

A letter written by a man calling himself "America's Sheriff" has people in Goldendale scratching their heads over highly confusing language. Readers...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 2, 2019

Community radio dies in Goldendale

KVGD, a low-power FM [LPFM] radio station, was heralded at its outset as a significant new contribution to community information in Goldendale. But...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 2, 2019

Gilbert reduced sentence keeps him in prison

A packed courtroom in the Klickitat County Courthouse was on hand last Tuesday to see Jeremiah Gilbert remained confined to prison. By all accounts,...

 By Lou Marzeles    News    October 2, 2019

Lube Brothers: new service in an old location

If you hear the name Lube Brothers and wonder if that was that music group on the Disney channel, you need to get around more. Lube Brothers is...


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