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 By Norm Luther    Opinion    July 26, 2017

Is Trump suppressing voters?

Is suppression of Democratic voters the goal of President Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity? Prior voter fraud claims by the commission’s activist vice-chair and... Full story

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    June 21, 2017

Why we went Independent

James Comey originally identified as a Republican. He first gained public acclaim for his integrity while temporarily Acting Attorney General under John Ashcroft in 2004: Comey rushed to Ashcroft’s... Full story

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    May 3, 2017

They're starting to cave

Following ex-President Obama’s 2008 election, a Canadian relative sent congratulations, adding, “I didn’t think the US was ready for a black president.” Unfortunately, she was probably right....

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    March 22, 2017

Bumper stickers help ease the bumps

Bernie Sanders was our favorite candidate. He championed the working class, unjustly left behind by huge wealth inequality, by parroting policies that originally solved this problem while... Full story


Trump is a terrorist's dream

t’s a dream come true for terrorists. Without any effort of their own, they have been given the best recruiting tool possible: the US president. One constant of Donald Trump’s ego-maniacal,... Full story


Examine the Canadian example

In 2009 all Republican and two Democratic senators killed ObamaCare’s proposed “public option” that likely would have led to national single-payer health care. Now Hillary Clinton has suggested... Full story

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    August 31, 2016

Letters from the community

Tax like Taiwan To the Editor: Want to erase U.S. debt and still fund new, effective programs? Then tax the Taiwan way. I recently witnessed firsthand Taiwan’s thriving economy. Besides capital...

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    March 2, 2016

Religion and politics are oil and water

To the Editor: My month-ago letter regarding Islamic state (ISIS) recruitment received a response alleging kowtowing to ISIS. This misinterpretation clearly indicates the need to further detail my...


What are they thinking?

To the Editor: What are these people thinking? Following the Paris and San Bernardino brutal terrorist attacks, reported to be inspired, if not executed, by the Islamic state (ISIS), polls showed... Full story


Social Security isn't that secure

To the Editor: It seems little known that one of our greatest inequities favoring the rich involves, ironically, a government program originally established especially for the working poor. Everybody...

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    July 1, 2015

A tough job made tougher

To the Editor: Before pointing too many fingers at our beleaguered Secret Service agency and its recent foibles, we should consider its success so far in its bottom line responsibility: to keep...

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    May 6, 2015

Keeping perspective

To the Editor: Currently our US Supreme Court is considering same-sex marriage while its Citizens United decision contributes to our huge inequality of wealth by influencing elections. Since both...

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    March 18, 2015

Look before you leap

To the Editor: Back when some prominent Republicans were reasonable, they endorsed some measures now advocated by the Obama administration. Quickly comes to mind ObamaCare which essentially copied Mas...


Too much money

To the Editor: Last September not one Republican senator voted for a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Republican-leaning Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision and allow...

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    May 21, 2014

Who left who?

To the Editor: How times have changed! From 1960 until 1980 I voted for several Republicans, including Richard Nixon against Jack Kennedy in my first presidential vote, and Washington Governor Dan...


Balanced package needs more

To the Editor: Maybe I have just lived too long, but historically, a balanced package to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff” and “sequester” problems, lower unemployment, and eventually reduce...

 By Norm Luther    Opinion    August 29, 2012

Short-term government spending is best strategy

To the Editor: Comparing our three-year recovery following the deep recession ending in June 2009 with eight earlier post-World War II recoveries lasting at least three years (The Oregonian, Aug. 16,...


Lessons from the Great Depression

To the Editor: Does history repeat itself? If so, there’s likely trouble ahead. Responding to the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover’s administration adopted an austerity program, and the...


Tax disparities aren’t fixed with flat tax

To the Editor: A frequently quoted statistic by those trying to justify the huge disparity in U.S. wealth is that the top 10 percent pays 70 percent of federal income taxes. This is a classic example...


Full range of Americans

To the Editor: "American exceptionalism" was best illustrated by our response to the tragic events in Arizona: our Latino-American congressional aide intern helped save the life of our female...


Candidate gets our votes

To the Editor: If you think we need a change and have respect for new talent, please consider voting for Paul Spencer as our representative to the State Legislature. Paul has lived in Stevenson for...


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